pregnant and considering top 4 mythsYour head may be spinning from your family and friends telling you what they think you should do with your pregnancy. Parents tell you one thing. Friends tell you something else. Once you have the facts, you’ll feel much more in control, and ready to make the right choices for the right reasons.
Before we start, let’s get rid of some old, guilt-trip sayings or “big ideas.” They’re old-fashioned, hurtful, and just plain untrue. They go something like this:

  • She doesn’t care or she wouldn’t give her baby away.
  • Adoption is a big secret and she doesn’t know what’s going on.
  • She’ll never forgive herself if she gives her baby away.
  • If she’s old enough to get pregnant, she’s old enough to be a parent.

These comments are NOT true, and people who say these things don’t know about adoption today. Today, we know many women placing their babies and children for adoption do so as a smart and caring way to provide a lifetime of love and stability for their child into a rock-solid family.

This info was taken from Lifetime Adoption’s book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption. Get yourself a copy for FREE by clicking on the image below:

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