How can we afford to adopt?Once you’ve shared about your plans to adopt a baby with others, you may get asked, “Why does adoption cost so much money?” People who ask questions like this might pose it negatively, maybe even adding “Babies who need a home should be free!” How do you answer prying questions about the cost of adoption?
The reality is that your answer depends on who you’re chatting with.
If it’s someone close to you, you could share more details on what’s required in every adoption.
To answer people who you’re not as close with (or feel like spending a lot of time educating!), you might just explain that there are many processes and professionals involved in helping a family adopt a child.
When you think about it, the birth of a biological child involves many medical professionals and procedures. But since medical insurance covers a biological child’s addition to a family, most of these costs are not as obvious. To adopt, there are even more people needed to get proper clearances and support birth parents and adoptive parents. Adoption professionals also ensure that the adoption is handled safely and legally.
Lifetime Adoption Agency’s fees include many things, like:

  • Nationwide outreach to birth mothers through social media ads, marketing to hospitals, pregnancy centers, doctors, campuses, counselors, churches, etc. (anywhere a pregnant woman might consider her options)
  • Support as you create your adoption profile, website, and video using Lifetime’s exclusive, proven recipe for success
  • A one-on-one review of your adoption profile
  • Private website for clients, packed with helpful webinars, tips, guidelines, answers, and articles
  • 24-hour availability for support and services to all birth mothers
  • Licensed, third-party counseling for birth mothers
  • Complete support throughout your match
  • Collaboration with the attorneys working on your match
  • Communication with the hospital where your baby will be born
  • Recommendations for adoption loans, grants, savings, and extra assistance
  • Experienced support so that you can get ready to adopt
  • Referrals to home study providers and attorneys to help you achieve a safe, successful adoption

Antonio and Tina's sonWondering how you’ll afford adoption? Lifetime has several payment options. After you apply and become pre-approved to adopt, we’ll share payment options that could work for your family’s needs. In addition, we can provide ideas for an affordable adoption, including referrals for adoption loans and grants, and fundraising.
If you think about it, adoption is more affordable than most infertility treatments. And, your investment in adoption comes with a higher chance that you’ll end up with a baby than cycles of IVF or treatment do.
There’s an Adoption Tax Credit available too; you can claim your adoption on your taxes and receive a credit for the year your finalize your adoption. With the Adoption Tax Credit, you get money back—not receive a deduction.
Adoption benefits through your employer are also a possibility, and this type of benefit is becoming more widely available. To find out if your company offers an adoption benefit, ask your HR/Payroll department. Adoption benefits do not cost a company anything to provide. Depending on the company, adoption benefits can range from $1,000 to over $10,000. If you want to help your company start an adoption benefit program, visit the Dave Thomas Foundation online. The Foundation can send you a packet of information to give to your HR department for review.

What makes adoption so expensive #adoptionagency #adopt #adoption #hopingtoadopt #waitingtoadopt #wantingtoadopt #adoptababy
What makes adoption so expensive #adoptionagency #adopt #adoption #hopingtoadopt #waitingtoadopt #wantingtoadopt #adoptababy
What makes adoption so expensive #adoptionagency #adopt #adoption #hopingtoadopt #waitingtoadopt #wantingtoadopt #adoptababy