Hopeful adoptive couple Craig and Courtney from Illinois are ready to begin their adoption journeyMeet Craig and Courtney, a young & creative couple from Illinois who are ready to grow their family through adoption! They’re open to visits with you and look forward to growing their relationship with you throughout the years. Craig and Courtney enjoy trying new things and traveling. Their family owns an indoor sports facility, so there will never be a shortage of activities for your child to participate in with other children!
Craig says about his wife, “I love being married to Courtney. She loves to strike up a conversation with just about anyone – whether at a local coffee shop or in a checkout line. My very favorite thing about my wife is that she is passionately persistent in continuing to invest in our marriage. Her tender-hearted nature and compassion will make her an incredible mother!”
And Courtney shares about her husband, “Craig is a true gentleman who stands out in a crowd. He loves his shoe collection, Oreos, and is a sucker for a good cup of coffee.  I love that no matter where we go, people remember him. I love his humility and the way he is always looking for ways to lend a hand to a friend. He is someone who will stick to his convictions but also loves having fun and trying new things. He is so loving, and always puts me first. I can’t wait to see him become the incredible Dad I know he will be!”

Here’s Illinois adoptive couple Craig and Courtney’s video:

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