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Your Baby, Your Choice

A pregnant Hispanic woman walks while talking on speakerphoneDid you know that a woman considering adoption for her baby is in control of the adoption process? You’re in control over exactly how your adoption experience goes down. Here, we’ll talk about just a few of the choices you can make during the adoption process.

Type of Adoption

You can take as much time as you need to when you’re making an adoption plan. Along the way, you’ll determine if adoption is best for you and your baby, what kind of relationship you’d like to have with the adoptive family, what your hospital stay might look like, and other details that’ll make your adoption experience just how you want it to be. The steps you take to make an adoption plan for your baby will be customized according to your wishes.

Adoptive Parents

One of the best parts about open adoption is that you can decide who will be your baby’s adoptive parents, and choose how much future contact you’d like to have with them. Lifetime Adoption Agency works with adoptive couples across the US, so you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. There are adoptive couples of various backgrounds, faiths, and ethnicities. You can get tips on how to pick the perfect parents for your baby here.

Your Adoption Coordinator

During your adoption process, you’ll have a dedicated Adoption Coordinator who will work one-on-one with you. She’s here to help you navigate throughout your steps for adoption. If you ever have questions or concerns, your Adoption Coordinator is always just a phone call or text away at 1-800-923-6784.

It’s Never Too Late to Choose Adoption

The speed at which you work through each step of the adoption process is up to you. Your pregnancy will last around nine months, but that doesn’t mean your adoption process needs to. You can choose to make an adoption plan as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, after you have your baby, or any time in between. Some women decide to give parenting a try at first, and then later decide on adoption. It’s never too late to choose adoption.
You’re in the driver’s seat of your adoption plan, so you can work as slowly or as quickly as you’d like to. Some women take weeks or even months to find the right adoptive family. Others select one after their first day of searching.

Making Changes to Your Plan

Remember, this is your baby and your choice, which means you can change your mind. If after talking on the phone, you find out that the adoptive family isn’t quite who you hoped they were, you can look at others. If later on, you decide that you’d like more or less contact with the adoptive family, you can change that too.

To learn more about how you’re in control of the adoption, call or text Lifetime Adoption today at 1-800-923-6784 or request free adoption information.

Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Birth Mom

Overhead shot of a young woman opening a gift“I want to give a gift to my daughter’s birth mother to honor her and the choice she made, and to thank her for her part in creating our family. There’s no possible way I can say thank you enough to her!
Is it appropriate to send a gift? What sort of a gift should I give her?”

What a touching and thoughtful question! Yes, it’s completely appropriate to give your daughter’s birth mother a gift. Please be sure to ask your adoption attorney if it’s legal in your state to give gifts to her.
What you give your child’s birth mother will depend on the relationship you’ve developed with her, and what she likes. As you get to know the birth mother better, you’ll discover her interests and get a better idea of what kind of present she’d like.

Here are our 10 favorite birth mother gift ideas that will show your child’s birth mom just how much she means to you!

1. Necklace with a locket that has a special engraving or a photo of her child inside
2. A framed photo of her son or daughter
3. Photo gift like a calendar, coffee mug, or book filled with pictures of her child
Adoption prayer bracelets4. Jewelry (check out these beautiful adoption bracelets!)
5. Photo credits at a site such as Snapfish so she can order a photo gift, and whichever photos she likes
6. Gift basket filled with items like lotion, body wash, masks, self-care treats, and gift cards
7. Her child’s sweet handprint or footprint in clay
8. Meaningful hand-lettered artwork, like the gorgeous designs at LetterMyHeart on Etsy
9. Flowers
10. Gift certificate for a massage, facial, or another pampering service

Do you have ideas for birth mother gifts? Or maybe a creative present you’ve given your child’s birth mother that she loved?
Please share it with us by leaving your comment below!

Ashley’s Adoption Story – “There isn’t one day that I regret my decision”

When you’re thinking about adoption, hearing others’ stories can be a great help. By reading other women’s adoption stories, you can identify with their reason for choosing adoption and find commonality in their emotions, relationships, and opportunities. In this guest blog post, we’re sharing Ashley’s adoption story.
It’s our hope that reading Ashley’s adoption story will give you insight and perspective as you think about your choices
Guest blogger Ashley shares her adoption storyWhen I got pregnant, I was 19 years old and a freshman in college. I felt nervous, scared, and alone. I didn’t discover I was pregnant until six months along, leaving just three months to figure out what I was going to do.
I wasn’t ready to become a mom. I wanted to finish college, start my career, and travel. I couldn’t afford everything that it takes to raise a child. I wanted my baby to have a good education and two married parents. I wanted her to be raised with good values, morals, and to have every opportunity in life.
I had to do some growing up and I put my own feelings aside. At that moment, I only thought about what was best for my child. I picked an amazing, loving adoptive couple to become her parents through Lifetime. I could feel their joy about becoming parents, and how much love they would provide my daughter.
The minute I saw my sweet baby girl’s face, my whole life changed. I was forced to grow up and mature. There was a part of me out in the world and I knew I had to start making some different life choices. Every decision from then on was always made with my daughter in mind. I had to think about what was best for her, not what I wanted. I realized I couldn’t be selfish because I had to be realistic about my child’s future.
Just a week after giving birth, I was back at my college like nothing had happened. I didn’t tell very many people about my pregnancy and adoption plan, because I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Finally, a year later, I started telling people. It was then that I realized the adoption was a positive experience. I get to watch a great couple live their dream of being a family.
The adoptive couple sends me pictures and videos, and we meet up once a year. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of my daughter’s life and to know that all her needs and wants will be fulfilled. My daughter did NOT deserve a single parent home, living paycheck to paycheck, and getting just an average education. She deserves the BEST life. She deserved an amazing childhood like I got to experience. I didn’t have to worry when I was a child; I had two happily married parents who took me on amazing trips around the country. They made sure my brothers and I got top-notch educations. I knew that my daughter deserved that same chance at life, to get all the opportunities that I got to experience.
Because of the adoption, I got a second chance at life to better myself. I want to become a role model for her as she gets older. I chose a better life for her than what I could have provided because that’s what she deserves. Because of my adoption decision, I graduated early with a Bachelor’s Degree and got accepted into a graduate school program. I’m one semester away from graduating with a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology. In September, I’m marrying the man of my dreams, and I get to watch my daughter being raised by the most amazing parents. There isn’t one day that I regret my decision. So many lives have changed for the better because of the decision I made four years ago.

Would you like to learn more about adoption? Learn more here.
If you have questions, you can Call or text Lifetime Adoption Agency at 1-800-923-6784 anytime of the day or night!

A Birth Mothers adoption story #adoptionstory #adoption #unplannedpregnancy #adoptionagency #adopt
A Birth Mothers adoption story #adoptionstory #adoption #unplannedpregnancy #adoptionagency #adopt
A Birth Mothers adoption story #adoptionstory #adoption #unplannedpregnancy #adoptionagency #adopt

Your Adoption’s Legal Needs: Answers from an Adoption Law Expert

Adoption legal questions answeredIn this webinar, we hear from an adoption law professional, Kris Miller, of Little Flower Adoptions and Law Office of David Cole in Texas. She addressed many questions, including:

  • When should we retain an adoption attorney?
  • What steps is my adoption attorney taking to move my adoption match forward?
  • What is ICPC clearance, and what will that process involve for our adoption?
  • How is our home study involved once we meet our baby?
  • What’s the legal process like for a birth mother?

Kris Miller speaks from her experience as a law professional in the state of Texas. However, she brought valuable insights and information for any adoption’s legal process. Each adoption is unique, but there are general items to be aware of the process. The timing, steps, and fees involved in your match will vary in accordance with state laws and individual adoption law professionals. Lifetime is here to help you avoid unnecessary legal fees and obtain the right help for your adoption match.

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How to Get Your Adoption Home Study Done Quickly

Happy couple meeting with their adoption home study providerAs the first step in the adoption process, the home study can bring up many emotions, from the excitement of beginning the adoption journey to feeling nervous about the process. Typically, a home study includes paperwork and documentation, a precise background check, interviews with household members, and a visit to your home.
Even though this may seem like a lot, you can get through the home study process in record time.

Here are 7 proven ways to finish your home study quickly:

1. Make sure you’re both committed to the process
First of all, it’s crucial that both of you are committed to your adoption. It’s your home study provider’s goal to place children in loving, accepting homes. But family dynamics can be strained when one spouse is more dedicated than the other.
In addition, if just one parent is committed, the other tends to procrastinate about finishing the necessary paperwork and setting appointments.
2. Compile a list of required documents
Since some of the required documents for your home study might require additional time to obtain, we recommend that you start working on those first.
As an example, you’ll need to gather personal documents, like copies of your driver’s license, marriage and birth certificates. It can take awhile to request copies of these from the appropriate government departments if you don’t have these documents on hand. Some documents, such as your financial statement, will require notarizations.
Please check with your home study provider, because requirements vary state by state. Make sure to verify with them which documents are necessary to submit for your home study.
3. Schedule appointments as soon as possible

Most home studies will require a signed physician’s statement regarding your health. In addition, you’ll need to schedule a visit to an authorized authority so that you can get fingerprinted. So that these appointments don’t become a bottleneck in finishing your home study, schedule them right away.
4. Complete your paperwork online

Find a home study provider who will accept home study applications via e-forms. If you can complete your paperwork online, you may be able to finish it all within a week. Hopeful adoptive parents who complete paper forms typically take a few months to finish.
5. Give your references a heads-up

Most home study applications require reference letters from your family and friends. We recommend choosing your references early on in the home study process since it’ll take time to get the reference letters returned.
Once you’ve chosen your references, let them know they’ll receive a reference request. Kindly ask them to submit it as quickly as they can. That’s because missing reference letters are often the last hold-ups to completing a home study.
6. Dedicate time to work on this

Try to set aside some time in your schedule just for completing your home study application. The questions on the application should be pretty straightforward, so you just need to make some time to do this. Try setting aside a couple of hours each day to power through the application.
7. Check your home before the home visit

After you’ve completed the paperwork, the next step in the home study process is to schedule a home visit and interviews with a social worker.
Even though your social worker will give you an opportunity to fix any potential safety hazards before finishing their report, taking care of all safety hazards before their initial visit will expedite the overall process.

Lifetime Adoption Agency provides affordable home study services in Florida.
You can learn more by calling 727-493-0933 or visiting our Adoption Home Study page.

how to finish your adoption home study #homestudy #adoption #adoptiongoals #adoptionagency #adopt #hopingtoadopt
how to complete your adoption home study #homestudy #adoption #adoptiongoals #adoptionagency #adopt #hopingtoadopt
how to finish your adoption home study #homestudy #adoption #adoptiongoals #adoptionagency #adopt #hopingtoadopt

Jason & Ally’s Adoption Story: From Grieving to Hope for the Future

Jason and Ally's Adoption StoryLifetime meets families at all different stages of their journeys to parenthood. Listening to other adoptive parents’ experiences about their adoption story can help you make the right decision for your family. We spoke with Ally, a Lifetime Adoptive mom, in this webinar about how she went through a lot of trials before she was called to adopt. She talked about having four miscarriages, going through IVF treatments, and when she knew she was meant to adopt a child.
Ally went over her tips on starting an adoption process, waiting for the child meant for your family, and preparing your hearts and home for a child. Her story provides hope through her faith and courage.

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The Truth About the Top 3 Myths of Open Adoption

Learn about the top 3 myths of open adoptionWith open adoption comes a lot of stereotypes and fears that present inaccurate information. These thoughts lead to myths and a lack of understanding about the open adoption process.
This webinar will teach you what to expect with having an open adoption with your child’s birth family.
We discuss how the process will go, what it means to have an open adoption, and how to tell if open adoption is right for your family.
Download a copy of the slides shown during this webinar here.

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Lifetime Webinar: The Modern Adoption

Webinar about modern adoptionIn today’s world, adoption is so different than it was years ago. With modern adoption, birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents can create a plan together for the best interest of the child.
Listen in as we discuss the benefits of modern adoption for birth parents and families who hope to expand their family through adoption. Discover how open adoption can work best for your family and get a glimpse into how women choosing adoption and adoptive families have gone through the modern adoption process. We encourage you to listen if you are at any stage of your adoption journey!

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Behind the Scenes of Your Adoption Home Study

Behind the Scenes of Your Adoption Home StudyGo beyond the home study basics with Lifetime’s Director, Linda Rotz. Our expert guest speaker helped us get a more in-depth look at what’s involved in your adoption home study. You’ll discover how your home study writer serves as an important partner in your adoption.
In this webinar, we answered many home study questions from our audience of hopeful adoptive parents. We also provided helpful tips for keeping perspective and staying on task while you work on your home study items. Watch and learn from home study do’s and don’ts that have helped or hurt other adoptive couples.
(This webinar ends suddenly at end of the discussion. We apologize for the technical glitch. Please contact your Adoption Coordinator if you have additional questions about what to expect with your Adoption Home Study.)

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Q&A Webinar About Transracial Adoption

Q&A Webinar About Transracial AdoptionWhen you begin your adoption journey, you’ll need to set your adoption preferences, or search criteria. To determine your preferences, make sure to learn as much as you can. In doing so, you can be confident that your preferences will lead to an adoption opportunity that you can comfortably accept.
The panel of adoptive moms featured in this webinar are a helpful resource if you’ve been thinking about adopting a child of a race different than your own.
If you’ve wondered how to talk about your future child’s adoption, the tips and experience of the adoptive parents in this webinar will touch your heart. We covered questions that any adoptive parent may face as they raise their child. A great way to prepare for the unique questions a child has about his or her adoption story is to learn from experienced adoptive parents!

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