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Welcome to Lifetime Adoption, a Florida Adoption Agency. We are here to help! Whether you’re a family looking to adopt a child into your home or a woman that is contemplating the difficult decisions of an unplanned pregnancy. We can provide you with the information and resources you need to move forward.

Lifetime Adoption works hard to match adoptive families with birth mothers. Since 1986, our founder Mardie Caldwell has been helping adoptive parent’s dreams of building a family come true while supporting expectant mothers who feel adoption is the right choice for them. We promote open adoption and assist our adoptive families and birth mothers in establishing a relationship that is the basis for their open adoption that benefits everyone, especially the child.

While we are a Florida adoption agency, we have helped adoptive parents and birth parents throughout the nation. Our very caring and experienced adoption coordinators take great care and time to talk to birth mothers, find out what type of family they are looking for, their current situation, and what type of contact they would like to have after the adoption is final. We also get extensive information from our adoptive parents. In addition to a home study, we find out where they live, their interests, if they are religious, what they do for fun, just to start. We help them put together a personal profile that birth mothers can view so they can choose the parents for their baby or child.

We believe strongly that adoption education is key for both adoptive families and birth families coming together for an open adoption. We provide educational articles, blogs, webinars, and videos on a broad variety of adoption topics. We even provide information about adoption financing for prospective adoptive parents. We understand that the adoption process can feel overwhelming at times, so our adoption coordinators are here to walk you through your adoption and point you towards articles, and other educational resources they feel will be valuable to you.

Expectant mothers considering adoption may also feel unsure of how the whole process works. Adoption has changed greatly over the years, and our adoption coordinators are here to explain open adoption and all of your options. Our caring coordinators will be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer all of your adoption questions and listen to your concerns. Our coordinators are happy to offer professional or peer counseling as well. We understand this is a difficult decision. Take the time to talk to a counselor or speak to someone who has walked in your shoes.

Support for our birth mothers is a priority for Lifetime Adoption. Through Birth Mother Blessings, you can receive help with essentials such as household items, maternity clothes, hospital kits for delivery, and other necessities at no cost to you. Our adoption coordinators will help you get the resources you need, such as medical care and housing. We will be here for you not just through your pregnancy but after as well. Our peer counselors are women who have placed their babies for adoption through Lifetime and are here for you to talk or text with any time.

Both Adoptive Parents and Birth Families will find, at Lifetime Adoption, a very dedicated staff that genuinely cares and has the experience to help you understand and navigate the adoption process. Our coordinators know what bumps in the road to look out for, how to handle each and every situation that may arise.

Mardie Caldwell founded Lifetime Adoption after her own adoption journey, after the loss of seven pregnancies. The experience she gained as she navigated her son’s open adoption led her to create a program that would help other families benefit from her experiences. She learned what worked and what didn’t, experienced some heartache, and eventually an unbelievable joy.

Mardie also came to understand what the birth mother journey is and is dedicated to supporting birth mothers. Making sure that Lifetime Adoption focuses on providing the resources they need, and the support they deserve is of the highest importance.

Lifetime Adoption, a Florida adoption agency, is here to support everyone involved in the adoption process. As one of the US’s top agencies, our nationwide help opens up avenues of adoption for adopting parents and gives birth mothers many adoptive family options to choose from for their child.

We are happy to help you learn more about adopting through a Florida adoption agency. If you are hoping to adopt, our online application is free. There is no charge to apply. If you are pregnant, you can call or text 24/7 or reach out for more information through our online form. You can be assured that everything is private and confidential, and there is no obligation. Learn at your pace, decide what’s best for you and your baby.

Do you have any questions? Please call or text Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 or send us an email.

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