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From our adoption agency office in New Port Richey, Florida, we are able to serve pregnant women and others considering adoption across the United States with services to help create open adoptions. We work around the clock to assist birth parents, adoptive parents, and anyone who wants to learn how a Lifetime Adoption can work for them. If you are in Florida, we are able to provide additional services as a licensed adoption agency through the Florida Department of Children and Families.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Pasco, Hernando, or Pinellas Counties…

Locally, we can work hands-on with clients in Pasco County, as well as Hernando and Pinellas Counties. You can come into our office, or we can meet you at your location to help you learn more about adoption. We will help you start the paperwork process when you are ready and show you waiting, approved adoptive parents who have been screened and are ready to adopt. Because we are a licensed adoption agency in Pasco County, we help and support you through your pregnancy.

There is no obligation, and everything is completely private and confidential. If you prefer to talk by phone, text, or email, we can do that too! Our Florida Adoption Hotline is open 24/7 for you: 1-800-923-6784. You can text us at the same number.

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If you are pregnant and considering adoption in the United States…

Nationwide, we work via phone, fax, email, texting, and mail with clients in every state. We can assist with a private adoption plan, as all services are confidential. In fact, most of our adoptions are not in our local community.

Call or text us anytime to get answers to your adoption questions. We can even get specific answers to legal questions you may have about building an adoption plan for your baby. We can send you adoption information by mail or email and explain how the adoption process works. We can even get you info on approved families who are waiting to adopt.

If you are parenting a child and considering adoption…

We would be happy to learn more about your situation. We have families across the United States who are ready to adopt young children or sibling groups. Please know that calling and getting information does not obligate you to choose adoption. It is simply learning more about adoption, and if it is the right choice for your child.

With these types of adoptions, there is usually a transition period, where the child spends time with both the adoptive parents and with you. You can talk to and meet the adoptive parents before you fully decide. Lifetime families are also open to continuing contact with you, so adoption is not “goodbye forever”, but more of an extended family-type relationship if you desire.
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Even if you are a grandparent raising a grandchild, we can help you! We have helped families of all kinds create loving adoption plans for babies and children. Remember, we want to provide caring, compassionate care and information for you.

If you are involved with DCF and an intervention…

We can help you! We have adoptive parents who are ready to step forward with an open adoption while you are working out a case plan or intervention with the Florida Department of Children and Families. Even though you have a case plan, you may still be able to choose an open adoption. That means you can choose the parents and have ongoing contact. This gives you control over who your child’s parents are and the type of life they will have. You can choose parents, talk to them, even get to know them! It is a positive alternative for everyone!

If you have multiple children in DCF custody, that’s ok! We have helped women place two, three, or more children with the same loving, safe family. Keeping children together provides a greater sense of stability for the children and allows them to keep their biological connection intact. At Lifetime, we have families ready to adopt sibling groups that have been thoroughly screened and educated on the needs of adopting children who may have spent time in foster homes.

The first step is to call us. We can work with your case manager at DCF and find out the next step in moving forward with an intervention for a permanent adoption of your choosing.

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If you are an adoptive parent looking for Florida home study services…

We provide home study services throughout Florida for all types of domestic and foster adoptions. Please call us at 727-493-0933 to learn more about our home study services. Or, you can learn more about Florida home studies on our website.

If you are a potential adoptive family in Florida or any state…

We can help you! We provide a free application to adopt, so we can evaluate your adoption goals and see how they align with our current requests from birth families. We would love to learn more about you and see if a Lifetime Adoption is right for you!