Home Study Questions & Answers

With every home study comes a lot of questions, both from you and the home study provider. Below are some of the most commonly asked home study questions.

What is an adoption home study?

An adoption home study is a comprehensive, written report about the prospective adoptive family, including details such as family background and upbringing, lifestyle, medical history, financial statements, values, beliefs, interests, family support systems, and parenting styles.  During the home study, which is conducted by a social worker, the family is educated about the process of adoption, investigated for child abuse or criminal background, and taken through an in-depth series of interviews. Besides incorporating a background check on all adults living in the home, the study may include an FBI and/or state fingerprint check. It includes several on-site visits and must be completed before a child is placed in the home.

Can you explain the process?

The first step is to complete a questionnaire that gives us the information we need to begin putting together your Florida home study report. Next, we will schedule a time to meet with you at your home. This visit has two purposes. First, to include a description of your home for the report and ensure that you have adequate space and facilities for a child. Second, to get to know you better. So we will interview you about your families, marriage, and plans for parenting. We will also provide the forms and information you need to submit your background checks. This is information that is required and will need to be updated annually. When we have all the information we need, we will prepare the written report and pass it on to the adoption professional of your choosing.

How long can it take?

Normally, the entire process takes about four to six weeks. However, it depends on the return of background checks, availability of everyone for interviews, and how quickly you are able to provide the required paperwork. Lifetime’s goal is to complete your home study within 30 days of receiving all of the required documents.

Once we are approved, how long is our home study good for?

A Florida home study is valid for one year. Additionally, if you have life changes, like moving to a new home, having another family member in the home or changing your adoption objective (such as opening to an older child or changing to international adoption) then we can help facilitate an update.

What’s the cost of a home study?

Lifetime offers flat rate home study services. What this means is that you don’t have any hidden costs. Therefore, we’re happy to provide you with our full fee schedule.

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