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Can I hold my baby?, one of the questions we can help you answer Adoption Services in Florida & NationwideAre you in need of adoption services in Florida? At Lifetime Adoption, you will find the best adoption agency in Florida. Our friendly adoption coordinators have extensive training, knowledge, and experience. They support birth mothers with their adoption plans and assist adoptive families with their adoption dreams.

Help for Pregnant Women in Florida

Every adoption is different because every birth mother and adoptive family is unique. As a birth mother, your adoption plan needs to be perfect for you. First, we know this may be a difficult time and you may need help with medical bills, clothing, or living expenses. You may feel it would help to speak to a professional counselor or to a peer counselor who has been where you are. We are here for you and can offer you help with all of these things and more. We will help you with your needs, both emotional and financial, and help you come up with a plan for now and for the future.








We are a Florida adoption agency that provides services for women in Florida as well as nationwide. That means you can view adoptive families online who are from Florida as well as from all over the country. This opens up lots of options for you and your baby. Once you choose a family, your coordinator will help you with your hospital plan and work with you and the adoptive family to create your open adoption agreement. You will get to decide what kind of contact you would like to have after the adoption is final. Your coordinator will be available to work through all of these decisions and options with you. You won’t have to do this on your own.

Florida Case Plans Interventions

When DCF and a case worker become involved in your life, you may feel you have lost control over all decisions about your child. There are many different reasons for the Child Welfare System to become involved and it can be hard to have any say in where they place your child. As long as you still have your parental rights, you do have options. You can have a say in your child’s future. You can choose an intervention and our non-judgmental adoption coordinators will help you with the process. Whether you are in the hospital and have just given birth or you have an older child, you can prepare an adoption plan that your caseworker and the Child Welfare System can accept.

An intervention allows you to choose adoption for your child. You will work with our Florida adoption agency and choose the family that adopts your child. They will not end up in foster care and there is no risk of them being moved from home to home. You will pick a family that has had a home study, meaning they have been FBI background checked, fully looked into by a social worker, and their finances have been verified to make sure they can care for a child. If your child is already in foster care, you can request an intervention to remove your child from the foster care system and place them in a forever home with a loving adoptive family. You and the adoptive family will even come up with a plan for contact after the adoption is final. You can choose to get updates, photos, share information on social media, and even have visits.

If You are Pregnant and Facing Jail or Prison Time

What happens when you have your baby while in jail in Florida? Is prison adoption possible?
If you are pregnant in prison, you have the option of placing your baby with your family or a friend, allowing the state to take custody of your child, or creating an adoption plan.

Florida Home Study Services

If you are adopting in Florida or anywhere in the nation, you will be required to have a Home Study. While the specifics may vary state to state, every state requires one. Our adoption agency in Florida offers Home Study Services.

A home study is conducted by a social worker who will create a thorough report on the adoptive family. This will include background checks, a review of financial and medical records, and interviews with all family members. In Florida, 21 hours of adoption education is also required. This can cover subjects such as safety, relationships, and parenting, to name a few. Lifetime provides educational resources for you to complete these education hours via online training courses with our webinars.

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Adopt a Baby in Florida

Our adoption services in Florida are extensive. As a family hoping to adopt, you will find helpful and knowledgeable adoption coordinators who will guide you through the adoption process. We can conduct your Home Study and we will provide information on adoption financing as well if needed.
You will also have access to wide-ranging educational opportunities. These include articles, webinars, podcasts, and our Florida adoption blogs.

The Lifetime Adoption staff will assist you and advise you in creating your profile and making sure you have a great online presence. We serve couples and birth mothers in Florida as well as nationwide. This allows birth mothers from across the nation to view your profile. All you need to do to get started is fill out an initial free adoption application that has no obligation. This will give our adoption coordinators the information they need to explain what your personal adoption plan would look like.

Areas We Serve in Florida and Nationwide

Lifetime Adoption is a Florida adoption agency that works with hopeful adoptive families and expectant women considering adoption in Florida and nationwide. Our online presence opens up many additional opportunities for both our birth mothers and adoptive families. From our New Port Richey office, we serve birth mothers and families in Florida and across the country. In our local area, we are happy to come meet with you. Learn more about our:

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