Newly Adopted Babies

Here are updates on Lifetime Adoption Inc’s most recently adopted babies and children! Learn about how you can adopt a baby or child through Lifetime! Call or text us toll-free at: 1-800-923-6784 or email us.


Parents Forever!

parents foreverparents foreverWhat God already intended is now sealed by the courts of the land!
It’s official – we are Connor and Joey’s parents forever!
Thank you for everything!!

In both photos Joey is on the left and Connor is on the right.
We are also regularly in touch with their birth mom via text with pictures and updates.
Joe and Shanna




The Light of Our Lives

light of our liveslight of our livesHi Linda,

We’re doing great! Elijah is a happy, healthy one year-old and the light of our lives.

We finalized the adoption – I’ve attached images of our most recent family photo and one I snapped of Elijah last week when he wanted to try on Daddy’s shoes 🙂

Sara and James




An Amazing Exciting Time

amazing exciting timeamazing exciting timeHi Libby,

We are so excited to share with you that Brynlee is now 2! We had a Tea for Two birthday party and Brynlee was surrounded by family and friends. We plan to have dinner with her birth mother this weekend and could not be more excited. We have such an amazing relationship with Brynlee’s birth family and we are so thankful to Lifetime for bringing our families together!
Miss Brynlee is such a wonderful toddler and full of personality. She has a silly sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. She is independent and curious about everything! Brynlee has a love for animals, especially her dogs and cats. She is learning animal sounds and her favorite is the chicken! I love that she is talking more each day and learning how to navigate through all of her emotions, big and small! We have been warned about toddler meltdowns at 2, and we have not had many, so I consider us pretty lucky so far! Brynlee loves to be outside! She loves every season and not even a blizzard will stop her from playing outside! Jesse has had the best time teaching her to play ball and she loves to be on the basketball court with him when he coaches his team. We are looking forward to the summer and all the adventures to come! Brynlee has been in gymnastics for a few months now and we really enjoy watching her grow and learn the different courses each week. She is also a dancing queen!

It feels like not long ago, we were in the thick of the wait and it felt like there was no end in sight. Brynlee was so worth the wait! We love to share our story and love that we have had been referred to Lifetime families to provide support and answer questions. We have grown so much in the last 2 years and strive to be the best parents we can be. We hope you enjoy the attached photos of Brynlee! Please give Natalie and Tiffany our best!

Thank you for all you do!

-Jesse and Alicia



celebrationcelebrationDear Natalie,

We hope this email finds you well. We just celebrated Brodie’s 2nd Birthday. Unfortunately, I was sick with strep throat, so the true celebration will be this coming weekend. Brodie’s personality continues to grow and he has the most amazing laughter that makes everybody laugh and smile. We are attaching a couple of pictures of him including him snacking with his best buddy, Rufus, looking on. There was a time where we wondered if we would ever have this amazing blessing from God in our lives. It was always in His timing and not ours.


Kristi, Chris, and Brodie



Oh Happy Day!

happy dayhappy dayHe is such an amazing joy and I can’t thank you all enough, but I can’t thank especially you enough for all of your encouragement, support and listening ear.








The Three Rascals

three rascals
(Cuteness Overload! These three babies are all adopted through Lifetime Adoption)
It is getting more and more difficult to get these busters to sit for a picture and all look the same direction …. they all certainly have personality … here they pose after Easter mass !!
James and Kellie






a new life begins
A New Life Begins

Maya Elizabeth was born in April. She weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 ounces and was 19 inches tall.
This photo tells it all!

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The Center of Our World

center of our worldHello All –

I just wanted to write and let you know that Leo’s adoption was finalized last month (finally)! Leo is thriving and is really the center of our world. He just turned 17 months old and is picking up new words everyday! He is very active and loves to run, jump, climb, and swim.

I can’t imagine life without Leo and just wanted to thank you for all your work to make this happen.

Corrine and James





It’s Official!

Its officialadoption officialHello ladies,

I just wanted to let you know that our adoption of Olivia was finalized today! We are beyond blessed. I will get you the paperwork as soon as I get it.

Thank you for all of your hard work in making our dream a reality.

Kacie and Matt


Happy Easter to All!

happy Easterhappy EasterHope all is well! We are loving life and the kids are enjoying spring!
Happy Easter to all! Piper is 21 months!!!
Cade is truly the best big brother ever.
I remain in frequent contact with her birth mom to share updates and pictures.

Warmest Regards,
Diana and Chris




From Toddler to Big Girl

toddler to big girltoddler to big girlHello,
How are you? It’s been a long time since I’ve updated you about Ahava.
She is getting so tall and smart. She’s 2 1/2 years old now.
We’re in the middle of potty training, so she’s transitioning from the toddler to big girl stage. She can sing the alphabet. She knows most colors and some numbers.
She has even started making up her own stories as she flips through picture books.
She really likes all kinds of animals and she is super friendly.

Take care,

Bobby and Tachaundra


Me and My Bros!

me and my brosme and my brosGood Morning Linda,

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner.

We are doing well. Olivia started crawling a couple of days ago.
Yes, already!!! I guess she wants to keep up with her big brothers.
I don’t have a lot of recent family pictures (mostly selfies and videos at the moment). Here’s one of her and her brothers. Thanks for checking in:)

Kacie and Matthew

Twice the Joy!

twice the joytwice the joyWith 3-4 hrs stints, they are growing like weeds!
They’ll be 7 weeks old on Wed.
At 5 weeks, Connor weighed 9 lbs, 1.5 oz and Joey weighed 9 lbs, 11.5 oz.

Enjoy the pics!

Joe and Shanna





Already Almost Two!

already almost twoalready almost twoJust wanted to send an update.

Crazy weather here in Indiana. One day in the 60’s and sunny the next it is snowing. Charlotte sure does love her accessories though. She is running around everywhere and is laughing all the time. We can’t believe her second birthday is rapidly approaching.

Helen and Peter





Pinching Ourselves

pinching ourselvesHi Linda!
We are fantastic!
We just fall more and more in love with this sweet boy every day!
He is such a blessing and we find ourselves pinching ourselves from time to time to make sure we’re not dreaming!

Thank You,
Howard and Michelle





Sending You Some Love

sending some loveGood Morning Ladies,
Sending you some love from Mariella’s birth family’s last visit.
We have been so blessed are forever grateful the love and relationship we have gained and grown together. The last two visits were at our home where Ellie and Mariella enjoyed meeting Mariella’s cousins/Aunt/Uncle, feeding fish, dinner and of course desserts with a whole lot of laughter. We are meeting up next at the park and celebrating Ellie’s 3rd birthday at The Zoo in April. I love our conversations we have that truly support this was God’s perfect match. I have shared our story with potential referrals, friends, strangers and I could not be more grateful to Lifetime. You have given us all the love and support on both sides to find our forever family!
Eric and Amanda




stepsstepsHi Linda,
Ezra is doing great – he turned 13 months old last week and took his first couple steps the same day! He is healthy and happy and so busy, busy, busy! He brings so much joy and laughter to our family. We are so thankful for all that you at Lifetime did for us and his birth mom, and we’re so thankful for her and our relationship with her too.
We share pictures with his birth mom a few times a week on Instagram and have seen her twice in the last year.

Thanks again!

Kara, Ethan, and Ezra


A Miracle and Blessing

miracle and blessingmiracle and blessing

Thank you ALL for your help! Cameron is a miracle, and blessing to our family! You’re all part of that blessing and miracle, too!!

Hopefully our paths cross again in the future, and thank you for shepherding us through this journey!
Steve, Shawna, Caden, Kellan, and baby Cameron





Amazing Grace

Grace first ChristmasGrace AmazingHi Tiffany!
How are you? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Our first Christmas with Grace was amazing. We can’t believe how quickly these 8 months have gone by and how much she has changed our lives.
Life is better than we ever thought it could be. We just wanted to share a few pictures.

Thanks for all you do and Happy New Year!
Candice, Gregg and Grace




A Wonderful Year

wonderful year with Harperwonderful yearHi Linda!
I was just thinking of sending you an update!
Harper is doing great. She’s standing mostly on her own now, sometimes using one hand to steady herself. We are expecting her to start walking very soon! She still doesn’t have a single tooth, but she stays in a constant state of teething, so the doctor isn’t worried and he says we should see some soon. She is a happy girl who never met someone she didn’t like. And she’s a big ham! The minute she sees the camera is pointed at her she starts to smile!
It has really been a wonderful year. We are so blessed and beyond thankful to the Lord for this precious girl! Here are a few pictures!

Thanks for everything! Jen, Justin, and Harper




Thank You!

Hi Tiffany!! Merry Christmas!!

thankthankStella’s adoption has been finalized!! Anthony & I would like to thank you and all of Lifetime’s staff for all the help throughout this process!!

Our attorney was also amazing throughout this journey and she came recommended by Lifetime. Please continue to send clients who need an attorney in North Carolina to her.
She is an adoptive Mom herself and she made the process so easy for us regarding the legal aspect.

Please enjoy some pictures 🙂

God Bless!

Erin and Anthony


Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasHello,

It’s been a long time since we’ve reached out.

We are pretty much transitioned back to the States.

I pray that you and your family at home and Lifetime are well.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Happy New Year.

Chaun and Bobby



From Our Family to Yours!

Dear Christie,

familyfamilyToday our adoption of Ainsley was finalized at the courthouse in Tampa!! Thank you for everything you and the Lifetime team did to match us with her birth mom and an unborn Ainsley. While things got rocky a couple of times you remained calm and supportive, helping us arrive at the best outcome possible. Your expertise in our case, which could have become much more complicated (phew!), was essential to us getting to this milestone.

Attached is a photo of us with the judge. She had stacks of stuffed animals behind her and invited Aspen to choose one for Ainsley and one for herself. As you can see Ainsley is a happy and content baby, and is thriving in every way possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and thanks again from our family to yours!

Monica, Darryl, Aspen and Ainsley

Our Twins!

twinstwinsHello everyone!

We hope this finds everyone well and gearing up for the holiday season!

We wanted to share with you all that today we finalized the adoption of Kyla & Trinity!

What an experience this has been! To finally tie the bow on our tremendous gift!
Thank you for all that you did for us and for what you continue to do for other adoptive couples and birth mothers.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
Thirza, Keith, Kyla & Trinity

Amazing Entry into This World

amazingamazingFlorida had a nice visit with newly adopted parents of baby LJ, who is doing amazing after his early entry in to this world at a little over a pound.
One of the NICU nurses gave them this poem when they discharged, saying that it helped her as she was adopted herself.
So thoughtful.

Also included a couple of pics. We had hoped one of them would show off how much LJ actually looks like John but it did not show up well. Honestly, they really look like father/son. They both expressed how grateful they are for Lifetime’s support and encouragement and agree that although the wait can be daunting, when the right one comes along, you realize why.
They had so many connecting reasons why LJ was “their” baby and plan to journal it into a story.


Bless You All!


We just want to share that we are over the moon and a very happy family due to adoption…

Brooklyn is a healthy and happy and very much loved and spunky two-and-a-half-year-old….

We send pictures to her birth mom each month and she sends us nice notes regularly.

Bless you all.

Greg and Tina


Our Greatest Blessing

our greatest blessingNatalieour greatest blessing,

We hope that all is well with you. We wanted to send some pictures of Brodie. He is 18 months old today and continues to be our greatest blessing. God answered our prayers in His timing. Have a great week!


Chris, Kristi, and Brodie

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Home by Christmas

home by Christmashome by ChristmasHi Linda,
LJ is doing great! He moved to a new kind of bed a couple weeks ago as he didn’t require the original kind of bed he was in anymore with all the bells and whistles needed for newer/sick babies. They tried taking him off CPAP completely last week, but he wasn’t quite ready. He was put on the lower kind of CPAP respiratory support and wore his first outfit last Friday. Now I can hold him wrapped up in blankets in my arms. When I came back on Tuesday he was in an open crib! He had been maintaining his temperature well and yesterday we did the first trial on a bottle! At first he looked around with his eyes as if thinking what the heck is this and what am I supposed to do with it?! Then he started sucking and drank 5ml of milk. He did amazingly well for his first time. They start off slow as they need to get the hang of breathing and drinking at the same time and they get tired easily.
We’ll see how he does today when I go in to see him. We have been praying hard and know others are praying for us and we see the results. LJ is still dealing with some issues, but he is finally gaining weight consistently and that’s our goal right now. He needs to gain weight and when he’s off CPAP completely (he’s on the last level of the lower kind), is eating well from the bottle and the feeding tube is removed then we’ll graduate to the other side of the NICU where the “eaters and growers” are. We were originally shooting to be home by Christmas, but I find myself wondering if we’ll be home sooner since he’s progressing pretty well right now. We shall see.

I have attached pictures so you can see how LJ looks now. He is now over 4 lbs and last night I fed him his whole 36ml feed by bottle and he drank it in less than 20 minutes!!! I think he’s a natural. 😊

Elaine and John


thankfulthankfulHi, We got the call at around 4:00 pm, and the whole family was there. Everyone pitched in looking for flights and making preparations. I flew out at 6:00 am and headed straight to the hospital to meet our beautiful new daughter!

I had the pleasure of meeting our new daughter’s birth mom as well and we were both thanking each other, her for us adopting her beautiful baby daughter, and me for her giving us this incredible blessing in our lives!

Our birth mom’s mother sent a text thanking Lifetime for helping the birth mom find us for her grandchild. She said it means the world to her, and that she knows that her daughter is happy too!

Christy and Andy


Forever Connected

forever connectedWe are having so much fun with our 18 month old!!!!
This was our bedtime dance party tonight 😊
Tomorrow we are going to visit with his bio grandparents and sister. His sister just turned 4!
We are daily in awe and so very grateful for you and Lifetime, and how God so perfectly planned our little family 💖





Brotherly Love!

brotherly lovebrotherly loveThese two boys are already best buddies.
Big brother loves to help out in caring for his new little brother!
Congrats to this happy family!

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Happiest Little Guy Ever!

happiest little guy everhappiest little guy everSome pictures from our visit with sweet Kallan! Seriously the happiest little guy ever! He sure knows how to make anyone smile. He is a year old now and has grown so much since our last visit with him as a newborn. One of Tiffany‘s BFF’s, as you can see by her shirt!







Two Brothers

two brotherstwo brothersWe received a sweet photo of these two boys. Big brother is enjoying his little brother and can’t wait to share his toys as well!

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents Georgio and Kristan from Florida!
They just adopted a baby boy, Roman, through Lifetime Adoption!




Our Little Princess

Hey Tiffany!
our little princessour little princessJust wanted to send a quick update about our little princess.

Grace turned 4 months on Friday. Can you believe it?!

She is the silliest, sweetest and most affectionate little girl.

Preemie or not, her doctor is amazed by how advanced she is and by everything that she can do at just 4 months.Today we had a checkup and we received the all clear to start eating solid food. This should be fun!
She is a mover and a shaker and certainly a talker!

We are loving every moment with her and she is definitely the biggest and best blessing we have ever received.

Candice, Gregg and Grace

For a Lifetime

for a LifetimeTiffanyfor a Lifetime,
We got Charlotte’s one year photos back.
It is hard to believe she has been with us for a year already.
We can’t believe how lucky we are to have her and what a wonderful relationship we have with her birth mother.
We are enjoying every minute and are looking forward to a lifetime more of making memories with her.

God Bless,

Helen, Peter, and Charlotte



Our Two Daughters

our two daughtersour two daughtersOur two lifetime daughters in pictures!

Thanks for what you all do,

James and Leigh Ann

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How Much Our Lives Have Changed!

Hi Tiffany,
How Much Our Lives Have ChangedHow Much Our Lives Have ChangedI just wanted to share an update/thoughts on Colton Henry and share with you some recent photos we had taken of him.

Colton just turned 8 months and got his first tooth this month. He is getting mobile by rolling and scooting his away around the house. Often, I sit back and think about how much our lives have changed in the past year. Last August, I was getting ready to have new photos taken of Chris and I because we were at our year mark and our profile needed to be updated. I had no idea at the time this little guy would join our family 4 months later. This August we were capturing our son’s sweet expressions and many rolls and chins. The best part of his story is that we are still in contact with his amazing birth parents and text often to share updates, photos and what’s going on in each others lives. We all enjoy celebrating in Colton’s ‘firsts’. His birth mother even called me on Mother’s Day to wish me a happy first Mother’s Day. While so many years leading up to this one felt like years of despair and loss our hearts were being prepared for this role and this year of joy and gratitude.
Our continued gratitude to Lifetime for bringing our families together to love on one incredible baby boy!

I hope all is well!


Carrie and Chris

Three Lifetime Babies!

three Lifetime babiesthree Lifetime babiesHere are our three Lifetime babies!
Their personalities are developing, and we are having some very busy but fun times!!
The boys are growing so fast!
They are all within three pounds of each other, with Keegan, the smallest at 23 pounds and Christian coming in at 29 pounds!!!

The twins will likely surpass our ‘lil man soon…..

James and Kelli



Today is Special

today is specialtoday is specialOur sweet princess celebrated her first birthday on August 1st but TODAY is even more special.
It’s been a full year since this we brought her home for the hospital.
We can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you showed us during the adoption process.

Thank you,
Eric and Amanda




Six Months!

six monthssix monthsJust wanted to share a few of Gunner’s six month pictures that we got back today!

Can’t thank you all enough for your support.

Shasta and Stephen


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Feels Like Forever!

feels like foreverbest freinds foreverJust wanted to send you guys an update.

Gunner has been home for almost two weeks now and I really can’t believe it’s only been two weeks – it feels like it’s been forever. He is 6 months old today and weighs 18 lbs 12 oz. He is adored and brings so much joy to our lives. His “virtual” twin, Willow and he are besties. They are happiest together and neither naps well if the other one isn’t in the same room.
Drea and Alex are both crazy about him and his snuggles and Stephen and I couldn’t be more in love with him.
My entire extended family is crazy about him too. He is slowly meeting everyone and charms them all with his big grin.

I still talk to his birth mom and grandma often and regularly send them pictures and videos and updates. I’m happy I can share with them and they know the little man is so happy and so loved.

Stephen and Shasta

So Much Joy!

so much joyso much joyGood afternoon Linda,

I have attached some pictures of Maesyn from her 1st Birthday photo shoot.

Hard to believe she is a year old, but we have and continue to enjoy every second with her. She’s brought so much joy not only to our lives, but everyone she comes into contact with.

We can’t thank Lifetime enough for the experience and helping us have our forever family.

Reggie and Martina

Blessings Two Times

blessings two timesblessings two timesHi Linda,

We are doing great! Very exciting times. June is loving her brother soo much so its just a fun time as his personality is developing. Here a few pics of Jay and June all thanks to you and your team!!!


Julie and Jordan




So Amazing!

so amazingHello Linda,

How are you? I hope all is well. 15 months ago, when Ahava was 6 months old, we visited San Gimignano, a town in Tuscany. Now that she is 21 months old, we visited the town again and took a picture in the same spot.

Wow, It’s amazing how much she’s grown.

It’s amazing how she has transformed from a baby to a toddler right before our eyes.

Bobby and Tahaundra

Big Sis

Big SisBig Sis FamilyHey Y’all!

We just wanted to say thank you for the anniversary card and and the baby gift of ‘God Found Us You’. It’s hard to believe that Leif is already 4 weeks old! He is doing great and Carolina loves her new role as a big sister! Here are a few pictures from the last 4 weeks. We spent our ICPC time relaxing, taking small family outings to museums and a waterfall. We also were able to spend time introducing Leif to his extended family! He already has had lots of love from Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles and Cousins.

We’ll keep Tiffany posted!

Sally and Jon


First Birthday!

first birthdayfirst birthdayHi Lifetime Family,
Can you believe it’s been a year?! We just celebrated Avery’s First birthday and reflected on God’s amazing design for our family. Avery is doing well. You wouldn’t ever imagine he started off 3 lbs. (#another miracle) He’s babbling up a storm, getting his “walking legs” and becoming friends with all his cousins… And if you could only see the bond that is developing between him and his NaNa. It makes you melt.

So you know we had to share with you all, his GodAunties, a few pictures from the party. Know that we love you all and the work you do is life changing.


Jamal, Niambi and Avery

Time Flies!

time fliestime fliesHi Linda, Natalie and Chrissy,

Hope this email finds you all doing well!

We can’t believe that our girls are already 2 months old!

Time sure flies when you’re changing diapers, feeding, running to doctor’s appointments and losing sleep!! 😉

It’s been a journey in discovery as we continue to ease into parenthood. We devour every minute with these girls! We still can’t believe we have twins!!! We find ourselves reflecting on our journey a lot and we can only feel blessed & humbled!

Until our next update!

Thirza & Keith

Our Special Bond!

special bondFrom the day we signed our contract with Lifetime we started praying for two people, our future child & also the birth mom (or birth family) that would forever be apart of our lives.
To us, adoption was more than just starting our family with a baby, it was starting our family by welcoming a whole other family into ours. We are so lucky to have such a special bond with our birth mom. Since spending 4 days together in the hospital, we have struggled to find the right words to describe how amazing she really is.
From meeting her in the parking lot, to Courtney hugging her head & cheering her on during the c-section, to taking those last steps together out of the hospital and feeling like we weren’t ready to leave her, we have fallen more and more in love with her each step of the way.
Today we can honestly say we love her just as much as we love our baby girl.

-Craig & Courtney


Thank You

Hey Tiffany!

thank youHope all is well. We are getting settled and absolutely loving life! We were able to celebrate Grace with our family and friends last weekend at what was supposed to be her baby shower. We received so many amazing gifts. Grace has so many clothes we can’t even fit them all in the closet!

She is 1 month today. We can’t believe how quickly time is going. She had a check up today and she is doing great. She is already up to 7 pounds!

This has certainly been a long and trying journey but the faith walk was totally worth it! Grace is perfect!

We just wanted to say thank you for everything and for the book! It is such a special gift and will definitely be a part of her story.

Love, Candice, Gregg and Grace

Our New Family!

our new familyour new family at homeWe learned about their birth mom from a friend approximately 2 years to the day our journey began (this includes the 3 1/2 months before we signed with Lifetime.) As we posed for this photo, we couldn’t help to feel that waiting 2 years wasn’t enough to prepare us for when they arrived. LOL!

I personally struggled with the wait and we were even considering ending our journey. But Natalie called me and spoke words that I really needed to hear. We learned about the twins’ birth mom on Sunday and flew to MA to be with her the following Saturday as she was induced. The twins were born on 3/24 at 1:55am and 2:08am. The 2 year wait came down to 6 days!

The girls were born at 35 weeks so they were kept in CCU/NICU. The staff at the hospital was nothing short of tremendous. We weren’t the adoptive parents, we were THE parents. They were extremely respectful of us and very protective of us. Some of the nurses offered to help us at the airport once we were ICPC cleared. The entire experience at the hospital was great!

The paperwork could only be submitted to ICPC when both girls were discharged. Kyla was discharged first on a Monday and Trinity was discharged the following Friday. Paperwork was overnighted to ICPC that Friday and we were cleared the following Monday! Record time according to the agency in MA! This photo is of their first night in their bassinets in FL!

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of visitors, packages and 2 very generous baby showers. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams with not 1 but 2 beautiful baby girls. Lifetime kept us going when we were ready to give up and we’re so happy that Natalie called when she did! 😉

Thirza & Keith

Celebrating One Year!

Celebrating first birthdayCelebrating One Year!Hi Natalie,

We celebrated Brodie’s first birthday yesterday.

We can’t believe it’s been a year!

We cannot thank you, Tiffany, and everybody at Lifetime for all you did for us.


Kristi and Chris



Adorable 9 Months

adorable 9 monthsJust wanted to share this adorable 9 month photo of Piper!

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Beyond Grateful

beyond grateful for adoptionbeyond grateful for adoptionHi Tiffany,

Attached are some photos of us and sweet Colton. We are beyond grateful that we get to raise Colton. He is the most amazing gift. We are so thankful for his birth parents, we love them dearly. Colton is almost 5 months, he loves to coo, smile, suck on his hands and laugh. We are trying to enjoy every moment with him. We just finished our last post placement visit and hope to finalize within the next month. Words cannot accurately express the joy and life he has brought to our family. Thank you for helping us along this journey to parenthood, we love Lifetime!

Carrie and Chris

Adoption is a Miracle

adoption is a miracleadoption is a miracleThank you Linda,

Here is a very nice message that we got from Brooklyn’s birth mom today on her 2nd birthday… Adoption is a miracle and she was a gift from God. Thank you…

Tina and Greg

“I hope today is a joyous day for you all and I hope the celebration is a plenty.
Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! I can’t believe it has been two years already. I know you’ve brought her great joy and a life greater than I could ever imagine. May 1st is a wonderful day. A day in history I would never change. Thank you for being there and thank you for being such a beautiful family.”


So Blessed to be Her Parents

So Blessed to be Her ParentsSo Blessed to be Her ParentsDear Linda,

I hope you are doing well. We had our first parent/teacher conference with Ahava’s toddler room teacher today. The teacher says that Ahava is a caring little girl. She says that she tries to comfort other children when they cry. She also says that Ahava easily joins in and plays with other children. We are so blessed to be her parents. It’s been 18 months and we are awestruck by her every day. She loves nature and being outside. She gets really excited when she sees animals. Of course more pictures are attached. We can’t seem to stop snapping. Ahava is such a good traveler. She loves observing her surroundings. She really likes to go on trips because she enjoys the outdoors and we are outside a lot. She waves and says “ciao” to the people passing by. We try to capture every precious moment that we can. Thank you all again. Your work at Lifetime impacts so many people’s lives in such a positive way.

Bobby and Tachaundra

Sibling Joy

Easter sibling adoption joySibling adoption joyHere’s a couple of pictures of our wonderful boys.

They are doing great!

Nick and Jamy






He’s Here!

adoption completedHello Everyone,

Meet Elijah! He was born Thursday!

Sara and James







Happy Easter Fun!

Adoption celebration at Easter

Wishing you and everyone at Lifetime a very Happy Easter!

Chris and Diana

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God’s Plan for This Precious Boy

precious boy adoptionprecious boy in modern adoptive familyWe had a nice unexpected visit from Ed and Karen.
Karen’s sister was with them and ironically she is a case manager nearby. Karen said that Joshua is having surgery next week to close the hole in his heart – other than that he is a very active, healthy 7 month old. That little one did not stop the entire time he was here – and so strong! My goodness, I thought he was going to start running! Ed and Karen are so sweet and we really enjoyed working with them.
They originally wanted a girl but are so happy now that they were blessed with this little boy. Most definitely God’s plan to put this precious boy in the home of a nurse practitioner and a dad that has the flexibility to be home most with him most of time (he jokes that he does not do nights though LOL).



Adoption Joyful ChildIt’s me, Keeton!

(Could he be any cuter?)

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Our Adoption Story

adoption journeyopen adoption builds familiesHello Heidi!

Well, we’ve been home with our sweet Harper Anne for about 2 and half months now. Can’t believe how fast time flies! We are adjusting to our new life pretty well! Harper is thriving. She is happy and healthy. She is 11 weeks old today! She’s smiling and cooing, and growing like a weed. She loves going to church and really enjoys the worship music! Everyone at church comments on what a good baby she is. She loves it when we sing to her and one of her favorite places to be is sitting on her Daddy’s lap! She just had her first visit to Disney World last weekend! She even got to go on a couple of rides and really seemed to enjoy herself! I’ve been back to work for almost a month now. I definitely hate leaving her every day, but my mother has been caring for her during the day while Justin and I work, so that has made it a bit easier to leave her. We are so blessed and thankful to God and Harper’s birth parents for placing her in our lives. She is our greatest joy.

As far as our adoption story goes, we are shocked at how short our wait was in the grand scheme of things! Because of Justin’s blindness, we had prepared ourselves to wait for more than 2 years. We knew that some birth mothers might be hesitant to place with someone who had a “disability”. But we did our best through our web page, video, and profile book to help them see what an amazing man Justin is, and what a wonderful father he would be. God did such a work because Harper came into our lives just under a year after we signed up with Lifetime!

adoptive DadAdoptive Mom grateful to Lifetime AdoptionWhen I got the call from Linda that there was a child for us, it took everything I had not to begin sobbing on the phone! I knew we were going to have a lot to do in a short amount of time, and I couldn’t let myself break down. Like a whirlwind, we were on a plane headed to North Carolina within a few hours of getting the call. Of course, a major snow storm hit the area that we were traveling to! So I had to drive in whiteout conditions from the airport to the hospital, which was about a 2 hour drive. I know that we would not have made it if the Holy Spirit hadn’t given me peace and kept me calm, and I’m sure there were angels all around that rental car! When we got to the hospital, I drove the car into a ditch thinking I was pulling into a driveway! But thank God we were right outside the hospital and were able to leave the car there and head inside to meet our precious baby girl! We met Harper when she was 28 hours old. I didn’t know what to expect. Would I feel like just a caregiver? Would I feel connected to her right away? Would she connect with me? But the minute they wheeled in her bassinet and I looked into her face, all my fears melted away and I knew I was her mother and she was my girl. I’ve always heard about this intense love that parents have for their children. But you never really understand it until you’ve experienced it. That night, exhausted and overwhelmed with how much life had changed in an instant, I looked into her eyes and I knew I would do anything, even give my life, to protect this child and give her the best life possible. I have never felt so much love for another person as I felt in that moment, and still feel, for this precious girl. And I know that Justin feels the same.

I’m attaching a few pictures. Harper’s 1st visit to Disney World, riding the Na’vi River Journey with Daddy, dressed up for church, and hanging at the pool with Momma!

We are so thankful that God lead us to Lifetime. Everyone there, especially Linda and Natalie, have been amazing, helpful, and supportive.

Thank you!!

Precious Princess

precious princessadoption preciousGood morning!

We have announced Ariana’s arrival to the world. I wanted to let you all know and send a few pictures of our precious daughter.

Thank you again for all of your guidance and support during our whirlwind weekend!

Brandon and Megan






Our Beautiful Girl

Dear Jennifer,

modern adoptionadoption our beautiful girlHere are some recent pictures of our beautiful girl!

Jesse and Alicia







Sharing the Joy!

joyful adopted familysharing the joy of adoption
We finalized and couldn’t be happier!
Tommy and Kaycee

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Growing So Fast

Happy social toddler Fun with ballsDear Linda,

I hope all is well. Ahava is growing so fast. She is making so many friends and getting invited to birthday parties. Attached are pictures and video of her having a ball at her friend’s birthday party. Check out her facial expression when she falls in the balls. It’s hilarious.

It is a joy to watch her evolve from a baby to a fun-loving toddler. She is very social and becoming more independent each day.

Bobby and Tachaundra





A Special Day for Our Family!

special day for adoptive familyadopted baby wrapped in loveHi Ladies!!

Just wanted to check in to let you know that yesterday WE FINALIZED!!! Such a huge and special day for our family! Both sets of grandparents traveled to be with us and to *officially* welcome Aubrey into our family forever (even though in our hearts it was already done!).

Aubrey is now a week away from 3 months old and is doing great! She loves being held and worn in a wrap (best invention for adoptive mamas in my opinion!). She recently started to recognize my and Clayton’s faces and began smiling when we talk to her or make funny faces which is the cutest thing on earth.

We love her so much and are so thankful for you both and for the entire staff at Lifetime! So grateful for the education we received from you all about open adoption. We frequently text with Aubrey’s birthmom and have an added level of peace knowing she is doing well and is still glad that she chose adoption.

And thank you so much, Tiffany! We worked to finalize asap so we could all have peace of mind knowing everything is forever official.

We had a great experience working with you and will definitely refer all future couples we know who are thinking about adoption to Lifetime!

Clayton and Sarah

Over the Moon!

over the moon in love adoptionover the moon with our new babyOur sweet baby Harper is adorable and we think she is the perfect baby. She never cries and loves to be cuddled. We are of course over the moon! We are all adjusting very well. A fun fact that our Florida director Linda found out on her visit to the family is that Jennifer is the high school Spanish teacher of one of her first adoptions. Her student Austin was adopted 16 years ago to a family Linda is still very close with. It’s a small world!

Jennifer and Justin






Sweet Baby Joy!

Sweet baby Joy brings blessings to an adoptive coupleReady for a car rideMeet sweet baby Joy, a new addition to our Lifetime family!

And Congratulations to Arizona adoptive couple Kalen and Laura as they start their new adventure as parents to this beautiful child!

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Boys Are Such a Blessing

Sibling adoption blessingsthe blessing of sibling adoptionWe just celebrated 3 years with these beautiful boys. Here are a few pictures to share because “they are so stinkin cute”. They are both doing well in school and are so loved. Alexander is a big ole ham and Cassius is the momma hen. Thank you, our boys are such a blessing. I truly don’t know what we’d do without our boys.

Robin and William






Our Precious Son

happy adopted childAdoption for a Lifetime has made this a very happy familyHi Linda,

We are doing well and enjoying life with our precious son. He turned 1 on Wed!! Time flies! He’s been such a joy.

I’ve attached a few pictures. Feel free to share them 🙂

Thank you all again for all you’ve done to help us become a family of three!

Matt and Cassie




Growing Like Crazy!

Bath time fun for happy adopted babyHappy adopted baby growing like crazyCooper is doing great and growing like crazy! He is starting to be more mobile and rolling all over the place. He has such a happy and bubbly personality, and it is so much fun to watch him develop. We went back home for the holidays, and he absolutely loved hanging with his cousins. I have attached a few of our recent favorite photos.

Thank you!

Kaycee and Tommy





A Beautiful Family

Congrats to New Jersey Adoptive Family!Adoption family successHere is another one of the beautiful babies that was born this month.

The adoptive Mom, Megan, was able to be there in the room for the birth.

Both Birth Mom and Adoptive Mom were so happy to be able to share that special moment.

The family just got home earlier this week!

Congrats to New Jersey Adoptive Couple Michael and Meagan and Family!


Ready to Meet Her Brother!

Lifetime babyHappy adoptive familyThis amazing family had to really scramble to help make everything go smoothly when they found out they were going to be parents to this beautiful girl!

Thanks to their quick actions, they arrived at the hospital the evening she was born only an hour before a massive snowstorm hit.

They can’t wait to go back home and show their little girl her new little brother.

What a whirlwind of a couple days for this sweet family!

Congrats to California adoptive couple Jordan and Julie!


Stealing Hearts

precious babybeautiful baby stealing heartsHello!

We had Miriam’s pictures taken today, and wanted to share them with you.

We are so in love with her.

She is one special little lady stealing hearts of everyone around her.

Daniel and Rachel




Growing and Changing SOOO Fast!

the good haircutthe great times with our adopted sonWe had a great holiday season – except for Dillon getting two molars! He is growing and changing SOOO fast!
We have him in daycare – primarily to be around other kids….and he is doing fantastic!

He was obviously getting bored in the Baby Room because he was causing trouble – waking up other babies by putting his arm thru the crib rails, climbing on the furniture, and grabbing food from the other kids! Of course, he always had a ‘partner in crime’!

Dillon moved up to the Toddler Room in mid-December. By being around older kids, he is eating better, playing well with others, walking everywhere, and talking!

Every week is different and he keeps us on our feet!

I was going over the animal noises on his toy box. Of course, there is a giraffe on there and I didn’t know what noise they make! So, since they have a long tongue, I started to ‘slurp’ and Dillon went nuts over it!

I hope all is well with you!

Angela and Jeremy

Styling Six Months!

styling six monthsLook who’s 6 months!
She could not be more perfect!

Chris and Diana

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The Day We Became a Family

Baby Harper AnnThe day we became a familyMeet our beautiful daughter, Harper Ann!

When we heard the news she was being born, we jumped on a plane to go meet her within 3 hours. We then had to drive through an icy snowstorm and skidded on black ice in to a ditch in front of the Emergency Room at 1:00 am, arriving with a bang!

We were introduced to our baby girl within an hour. The next day, the attorney with the consent form drove through the worst snowstorm ever to hit the coast spun out on black ice 30 minutes from the hospital, and waited in the cold for several hours to get help.

Birth Mother, Birth Father and Attorney braved more of the storm the next to be there because they all wanted this adoption to go well. Everyone involved showed patience and kindness throughout the process.

We sure have a story to tell Harper about the day we became a family!!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Natalie!

grateful adoptionadoption finalization dayI hope you and everyone at Lifetime are doing well. Now that we are winding down from the very busy holiday season, I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on how we are doing! Brynlee is 7 months old, can you believe it!? She is crawling now and keeping us very busy! Watching her learn and grow is such a joy! I feel like it was’t long ago that I was emailing and calling you to get suggestions from you on how we could improve our profile. What a beautiful story God has written for us! Thank you for being a part of it!

Thanksgiving was such a special day for us. Looking over at Brynlee in her high chair at the dinner table was such a dream come true. We have so much to be thankful for, everyday is Thanksgiving in our home!

Our Christmas was amazing! Brynlee’s birth parents planned a special dinner so we were able to spend time with them and meet their families. We are extremely grateful for the relationship we have with Brynlee’s birth parents. This was the start of a new Christmas tradition that we hope to continue for many years to come!

On December 28th, we finalized our adoption! As our family filled the court room, I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed with emotions. There were countless nights of hoping, praying and longing to be parents and now that we are, I just couldn’t imagine our lives without her!

We hope you enjoy these pictures of our sweet girl!

Happy New Year!

Alicia and Jesse

Discovering All That is Christmas

Merry Christmas Libby!

adoption Christmas joyI’d love to speak on one of the webinars! We have had such an amazing experience and recommend Lifetime to everyone we come in contact with that expresses any interest in adoption. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years already! Talon fit right into our family and instantly bonded with everyone! He even looks like our family! It’s been so much fun watching him discover all that is Christmas this year!

Dawn and Silas





Finalization Day Picture!

adoption ornamentadoption finalization FloridaNatalie,
When Chris and I began this adoption journey 2 years ago we found ourselves purchasing adoption ornaments. We have the one from last year from my sister and brother in law since they adopted our nephew last year. We have not been able to find a home for the 2015 ornament and wanted to know if you know of a family that completed their journey in 2015 or if the staff at Lifetime would like it for the tree there? We have our ornament for 2017 and wanted to give this ornament a good home. Please feel free to share the adoption day picture with staff too. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chris and Kristi

Babies Happen!

Dear Ms. Rotz,
adoption overseas can happen
Christmas blessingsOur adoption was finalized Wednesday, December 13, 2017. We finalized via telephone with a judge and our lawyer in Florida while we were in Italy with a notary.

So if any couples are concerned about living abroad being a hindrance to domestic adoption need not worry.

It can happen.

Attached are some photos of us and Ahava,

Bobby and Chaun




Christmas Blessing!

Adoption Christmas blessingGood afternoon Jen,

Here is a Christmas picture from Jack!

We have been so blessed to have him in our lives and are loving getting to spend our first Christmas together as parents!

With Love,

Colby, Sarah, and Jack








Dreams Do Come True

adoption finalizationWhat a wonderful day for this family, adoption finalization day!

Congrats to Colorado adoptive family Dan & Hanna!

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Christmas Joy, Christmas BoyChristmas Joy, Christmas Boy


Hi Lifetime,

Here’s the latest pic of Keegan, who just turned 2 1/2 and totally LOVES Christmas!

Christine and John


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adoptive family visits Santa

Guess who met Santa? Maddox has been a very good boy this year. I think Santa might bring him all that his heart desires! Santa has already given us Maddox 🙂

Kevin and Tequilla






Helping Hands

adoptive family helping handsI can not praise you guys enough. I ordered my holiday cards last night and Lifetime (CA/FL) is first on my list!

Merry Christmas,

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Look Who is Getting Big

modern adoptionadoption loveWanted to share an update with you!

Keeton is so smart.

He does everything early.

Sat up with at 4 months.

Crawled at 5.5.

Started walking at 8.75 months.

Saying hi at 9 months.


He must get it from me!!!


Deloretta (and Karl!)

Best Christmas Present Ever!

adoption blessing

adoption loveHi Tiffany!

Just wanted to send you an update and just a few of my favs from our new family photos this past Thanksgiving.

Zara is now four months old, beautiful and so smart! Everyone just loves her! Everyone that meets her including all her teachers and the church child care center where we attend compliment that she is so sweet, quiet and a joy to be around.

That is until she gets home where we are known to get super silly and loud! 🙂 Our extended family love her so much and she has gotten so many clothes, we did not have to buy any for at least the first 6 months. Of course I still did, because I have to impart a little bit of personalized style since Mom does know her little diva best (in my mind anyway). Ha ha! 😉

She is also healthy and meeting or exceeding her developmental milestones. We will be finalizing the adoption in court on Dec. 19-best Christmas present ever-and could not be more excited!!

Hope you and yours have a very blessed holiday season! 🙂

Felicia and Goodman


Can you Believe He is Growing So Fast?

baby adoption loveWow! Can you believe Maddox is 7 months old?!

He is growing so fast. Maddox is so easy going and smiles nonstop.

His favorite TV show is Puppy Dog Pals. He can sit up on his own for a few minutes. He currently rolls all over the place. He has two teeth on the bottom.

His Birth Mom and I still text each other a few times a week. I feel like she has become a member of my family. Thank you all for helping our family grow. I cannot picture what life was like before Maddox.

Kevin and Tequilla


Shout it to the Whole World!

modern adoptionJust wanted to send a quick update that Charlotte’s adoption was finalized today.

We couldn’t be happier!

We were matched with the most amazing Birth Mom and everything worked out so well!

Thank you! We want to shout it to whole world!

Peter and Helen




A Match Made in Heaven

adoption matchThis adorable baby boy, Joshua, is surrounded by his happy adoptive parents Gregory and Elizabeth, and big sister.

The family has developed a wonderful bond with Joshua’s birth family, and Elizabeth mentions that she feels like they are her own family members.

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Cooper Fills the Home With Love!

adoption loveHi Chrissy and Natalie,

Thought we would share some recent family photos that we took the other day. Cooper is doing great! He has been sleeping through the night for a few months now, loves when it is time to eat, and is growing like crazy! He is such a happy baby, and it is so much fun to see his personality develop.

Hope you are both doing well!

Kaycee, Tommy, and Cooper

We’re Official!

adoptedAllow me to introduce you to Avery Chancellor, the miracle you all helped God bring into our lives and for that we are forever grateful and forever connected.

May God bless you each in the specific areas you’ve prayed for, giving you the desires of your heart. Because you do just that for others.


Avery’s Mom and Dad – Niambi and Vincent







Halloween Fun!

modern adoptionWe are excited to congratulate Arizona adoptive couple Michael and Amanda!

They have adopted a precious baby boy and are pictured here having a fun time at Halloween with him!

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open adoption
Congratulations to amazing adoptive family Kevin and Tequila!

Their adoption of baby Maddox is finalized and this family is official!





Had to share!

I had to share Jack’s bear costume picture because it’s so so cute! I hope everything is going well at the Lifetime office. Jack is so special and sweet! I went back to work this week from FMLA leave and it was bittersweet!


Sarah, Colby and Jack




Happy Baby

Ahava is doing well.

She’s such a little busy body. She’s walking now.

She’s a little wobbly, but she improves her balance each day.

She is a very social and happy baby.

She is so smart. She figures things out very quickly.

– Bobby and Chaun





Precious Baby Girl

adoption lifetime
We’re excited to congratulate Colorado adoptive couple Randy and Sarah!

They just adopted a precious baby girl through a Lifetime adoption!

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Adoptive parents Nate and Jen visit our office!

Baby Ollie Visits Lifetime!

Lifetime is so happy for new adoptive parents Nate and Jen! We enjoyed a visit with Nate, Jen, and their adorable baby boy, Ollie.

Just months after experiencing a heartbreaking fall-through, they were matched with a sweet birth mother who was due in August. Imagine their surprise when the baby was born in May, full term! Ollie did require some extra care at first but he has been home for several months now and thriving.

Their adoption will be finalized soon, and they came to visit the Florida office to share their joy! Pictured left to right are Linda Rotz (Director of Adoption Services), Tiffany Bayless (Adoption Support Coordinator), baby Ollie, adoptive dad Nate, and adoptive mom Jen:



An Absolute Joy

Hi Linda,

The year has flown by! It’s so hard to believe how quickly things change. Aviya is walking, talking some, and has quite the personality. She’s already been on two international trips (Antigua and Costa Rica) and we will be in South America in November.

She is an absolute joy! We are so very thankful to Lifetime and her birth mother. We’ve seen her birth mother a couple times since the adoption. Her adoption was finalized in December, and hopefully, we’ll add to our family through another adoption next year!

-Jason and Yava


“Some Baby!”

We’re so happy to see this update from Peter and Helen! They write:

“Little Charlotte is 1 month old! She is the most precious baby and truly is a blessing from God!”




She’s Our Most Wonderful Blessing!

We are grateful to you all every single day of our lives! You gave us our world – the most wonderful blessing!

Thank you so much AGAIN from the bottom of our hearts. You’re the best! Still so very thankful that God guided us to Lifetime’s beautiful hands. You all are very dear to our hearts – always – what a wonderful experience! Here’s a photo of our precious 16-month-old Lifetime baby!

Love you all!

Deanna and David



Born in Our Hearts

Words cannot express the joy and grateful hearts of Eric and Amanda when they received the call. Two hours later, they were not only blessed with a beautiful baby girl, but also loving birth parents.

Little Mariella is a miracle in so many ways!

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Adoption of a Lifetime

It’s almost impossible to believe that six months ago we got a phone call saying a baby boy had been born, and that the birth family wanted to meet us.

The next day, we were with him at the hospital, and in three more days he was home with us forever! We went from not knowing he existed to a family in five days!

It feels like yesterday…Thank you, Lifetime, for preparing and guiding us. Our family will always be grateful to you!

-Michael & Mandie



The Cutest Little Braves Fan

Can you believe Maddox is 15 weeks old?! I still pinch myself. I cannot believe he is real.

I talk with his birth mother once or twice a week. She’s always telling me thank you for raising her child. This makes my heart smile. I am so thankful for her and I absolutely love her!

I am also thankful for all of you ladies at Lifetime. I brag on you and my experience all the time!

-Tequila (and Kevin)




“God Has Truly Blessed Us!”

Hi Natalie & Tiffany,

We can’t believe Brodie is three months old already! God has truly blessed us! There were nights before he arrived where we would sneak into his nursery and wonder if our miracle would ever happen.

We can’t thank you enough for all you both did for us!


Chris & Kristi


Loved Beyond Measure

Congratulations to Nick and Jamy, from Wisconsin, on their recent adoption of siblings!

These adorable brothers are under 18 months old and already loved beyond measure.



Happy Boy

We began our morning with a sweet (and so cute!) email from Lifetime parents, Luke and Lindsay:

“Good morning Tiffany!

We hope you all are doing awesome! Just wanted to send you an updated pic of Lincoln. He’s doing good and such a happy boy! Have a great rest of your week!”





Blessed by Adoption

Linda and Chrissy –

We want to thank you both for everything you’ve done for us throughout the adoption process. You’ve been wonderful to work with; very responsive and helpful through it all!

We arrived home late Friday night and received the package you’d sent. We absolutely LOVE the book God Found Us You! What a great story and a perfect way to talk with Jacob about his adoption. You guys think of everything, and we can’t thank you enough!

We are so blessed to have been matched with his amazingly wonderful birth family!

Thanks again!
-Dominic and Katie


Beautiful Baby Girl

We’re excited to congratulate Florida adoptive couple Eric and Amanda!

They just adopted a precious baby girl through a Lifetime adoption!

Eric and Amanda say, “We can’t thank you all enough for helping us find the perfect birth family to add to our family. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Mariella Colleen!”




This Takes the Cake

Cute First Birthday Alert!

Lifetime parents Robb and Lisa have posted a photo every day since they adopted, and while every photo of this little guy is adorable, this one truly “takes the cake.”

Happy birthday blessings, sweet boy!





It’s a Boy!

We’re excited to congratulate Tennessee adoptive couple Colby and Sarah!

They just adopted a precious baby boy through a Lifetime adoption!

Colby and Sarah wrote to us: “Thank you so much for helping us on this journey! We couldn’t love Jack any more than we do! He’s the best baby we could have hoped for.

We have had such a great time getting to know each other. Colby is in love already; the two of them have stayed up late every night watching baseball!”




Look Who’s One!

We love getting updates like these from Lifetime adoptive couples! Greg and Tina from Wisconsin write:

“Happy birthday, Brooklyn! She’s doing great and is walking and talking. We think she’s just amazing!

Giggles from Brooklyn!”





We’re Blessed to Be His Parents!

Dear Lifetime Adoption staff,

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the gift you gave us of our amazing son! Cooper is such a sweetheart, and we are so blessed to be his parents! Thank you for the support and encouragement you provided us during the wait.

Chrissy, we really appreciate how quickly you would respond to any questions and the support you gave us emotionally! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for being such an important piece of one of the best things to ever happen to us!

Natalie, thank you for the support and encouragement you gave us during our wait. We will be forever grateful for all you did!

Tommy and Kaycee

Thank Heavens for Little Girls

We’re excited to congratulate Florida adoptive couple Chris and Diana!

They just adopted a precious baby girl through a Lifetime adoption!


Wondering how Lifetime will become part of your adoption story?

Help us learn more about you and your adoption dream by applying online.




Just Like Daddy

Hello Lifetime Friends,

Look who is sitting up at less than five months (and ate all my mangoes!) Keeton is like daddy…one has sweet tooth the other sweet gums!

He’s such a good baby!

-Karl and Donna




Adopted in Love

We’re excited to congratulate Connecticut adoptive couple Tommy and Kaycee!

They just adopted a precious baby boy through a Lifetime adoption!


Discover how Lifetime can make your dreams of domestic adoption come true!

Call us at 1-800-923-6784 or send us a message.




Our Dream Came True

We are so happy for Jamal and Niambi on the adoption of their son, Chance!

They wrote to us, “This all feels like a daydream. We are so excited. As soon as Chance can make it, we are taking a trip to Lifetime’s office. Thank you for EVERYTHING! We’re grateful!

We hope that seeing our photos blesses someone else and helps them hold onto the faith.

Chance has a ways to go, but God is performing a miracle daily with him. We’re just happy to be here to see it.”

If you are thinking about adopting, please call 1-800-923-6784 to speak with one of our adoption professionals.



A Miracle Was Born

Dan and Hanna recently stopped by Lifetime’s office to say hi with their son Kallen!

Birth Mother Coordinator, Tiffany, and Adoptive Family Coordinator, Natalie were overjoyed to meet this little guy.

Are you thinking about adopting a baby?

Please call us at 1-800-923-6784 to speak with one of our adoption professionals about how to get started!






Adopted in Love

We’re excited to congratulate Tennessee adoptive couple John and Lesa!

They just adopted a precious baby girl through a Lifetime adoption!


Discover how Lifetime can make your dreams of domestic adoption come true!

Call us at 1-800-923-6784 or send us a message.


A Miracle is Born

We’re excited to congratulate adoptive couple Dane and Demitra! After a short adoption wait, they just brought home a precious baby boy, DeAngelo, through a Lifetime adoption!

They emailed Linda, our Director of Adoption Services:

“DeAngelo’s birth mother delivered around 6 pm, and we arrived to meet him the next morning. Everything went very smoothly. The hospital staff was wonderful, the attorney wonderful, and Lifetime’s teamwork could not have been better. We feel blessed and thankful for Lifetime’s support!”




Blessed With Twins!

Lifetime would like to congratulate Connecticut adoptive couple Bob and Maureen! They just adopted twin boys, Andrew and Ben, through a Lifetime adoption!

Bob and Maureen write: “Things have been busy around here! The adoption finalization date was earlier this month. It’s a real relief that everything is final now!

The boys are doing great; they’re just about to finish Kindergarten and looking forward to the summer. They are making great progress, doing well in school and growing like weeds!

Thanks for all of your help in this crazy journey!”



Our Adoption Dream Came True!

We truly can’t believe he’s here…it still feels like a dream! 🙂 Here’s a photo of his big sister admiring him proudly.

We’re so thankful to you all at Lifetime, and God for this journey.

-Luke and Lindsay




We Became a Forever Family

Hi Linda,

We finalized Addie’s adoption last month! It was such a great visit and a really great hearing. The judge was so nice and spoke some really kind and encouraging words to us. We were also able to visit with Addie’s birth mother and met Addie’s birth father and his family. It was simply awesome. We are so blessed!

Thank you and your entire team so much for all your help and support along the way! God has used y’all in incredible ways and we are so, so, so thankful!

Much love,
Chris and Stacey



I’m the Answer to Mommy’s & Daddy’s Prayers

Lifetime would like to congratulate Florida adoptive couple, Chris and Kristi! They just adopted a precious baby boy, Brodie, through a Lifetime adoption!

Brodie’s onesie really says it all: “I’m the answer to mommy and daddy’s prayers”!

They emailed their Adoption Coordinator, Tiffany:

“We cannot thank you enough for everything. Brodie is our Angel, our world, and we are love!”


Adopted in Love

Hi Libby!

Our adoption just became official yesterday, as we had our final court hearing! Here are a couple photos from that day.

Thanks again to Lifetime!

-Jeremy and Angela





Lifetime Made Our Dreams a Reality

Wow! We cannot believe that Maddox will be three weeks old on Wednesday. Time is flying by! It seems like he was just born yesterday.

We still cannot thank you all enough for making our dreams become a reality! Can’t stop looking at him. I have to pinch myself because I cannot believe he is real.

Kevin and Tequila


My First Mother’s Day was Truly Extraordinary!

Buongiorno (Good morning) Linda,

Happy Mother’s Day! Although we did ordinary things this Mother’s Day weekend like going to church and spending quality time together, it was an extraordinary weekend because of Ahava. Our first Mother’s Day was truly extraordinary!

Arrivederci (goodbye),
Bobby and Chaun





Look Who’s ONE

Can you believe Miss Brooklyn, our miracle baby, is one already? She is beyond a blessing!

Thank you for bringing our family together!

Greg and Tina




Thanks to You, Our Family is Complete!

Lifetime would like to congratulate Oklahoma adoptive couple, Jason and Rebecca! Their of adoption of sweet baby boy Thomas was recently finalized in court! Thomas joins proud big brothers Ben and Jones and happy big sister Annie to complete this beautiful family.


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“Lifetime Does God’s Work!”

Hello Linda,

Ahava is doing very well!  She is getting busier each day.  She is so curious.  She has two little pegs that have grown in at the bottom.

We all just wanted to say hello and thank you again.  Lifetime is doing a great job at doing God’s work by working according to His purpose to create families.

-Bobby and Chaun



A Baby is Wonder & Hope


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things:
wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”
― Eda J. LeShan

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents Kevin and Tequila from Georgia! They just adopted a baby boy, Maddox, through a Lifetime adoption!



Adoption is LOVE

Hi Linda,

We’d like to thank the entire Lifetime Adoption team! Our adoption of Dylan is final and we feel so blessed!

Thank you,

Christa & Scott

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Three Lifetime Boys!

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents James and Kellie from Montana!

They just brought twin baby boys, Keegan and Gavin, home through a Lifetime adoption!

Keegan and Gavin are joined by their older brother Christian, who was adopted through Lifetime three years ago. James and Kellie are now the proud parents of three Lifetime boys!



Sweet Baby Girl

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents Jeremiah and Tammy from Oklahoma!

They just brought their baby girl, Ellie Rose, home through a Lifetime adoption!





Our Boy is a Joy

Michael and Cynetra’s of adoption of little Kaden was just finalized in court last month!

“He’s such a happy boy, and such a joy! He’s always singing, drumming, and dancing,” share new parents Michael and Cynetra.

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Cupid’s Cutie

Here’s a fun Valentine’s photo and update from Florida adoptive couple Geoff and Natalie:

“Hi Linda!

Our ‘lil man is very active in gymnastics and he has a crush on his music teacher. Hope everything is going well for you and everybody at Lifetime. I’m sure you’re staying busy!

-Geoff and Natalie”





Sweet Baby Boy

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents Karl and Donna from Connecticut!

They just brought their baby boy, Keeton, home through a Lifetime adoption! They share:

“He is quite the nosy boy, always looking around and looks at you when you speak to him. Jacob, his big brother is waiting to meet him!”




Fun at One

Good afternoon! Just had someone reach out and ask me how my experience with Lifetime was and I am so happy to tell them about all of our positive experiences!

It made me realize I haven’t sent an update in a while! Hope all is well with everyone at Lifetime. Our little Camden just turned one, and we’re about to celebrate one year with him! It’s been an amazing month and he’s growing so fast.

-John and Jennifer





Worth the Wait

Thank you Maurice and Kim, for this encouraging update!

“We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We did a remake of a picture we took back in 2014 when we started our adoption journey!”

We can’t wait to see little Winston grow up in your loving home! Happy New Year!






Our Christmas Blessing, a Year Later!

At this time last year, we brought home our wonderful blessing of Colton!

You all were so wonderful to work with the entire journey. Our road wasn’t easy, but as you always reassured us it would all make perfect sense and it is crystal clear now.

Colton turned a year old this month! He was walking at nine months, is a great eater and sleeper and has the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes that everyone comments on. He truly is a very sweet laid back little boy, but definitely an energetic boy that likes to check out everything!

We’re so thankful to have contacted you all to start our adoption journey. Though we struggled with a failed adoption – we learned, prayed and pulled ourselves together to carry on. With Colton coming as our Christmas gift last year, literally in a blink our family was complete.

Thank you all for what you do every day for all these babies and waiting families!

-Mark and Tiffany



Happy Baby

“We’re so happy. Ahava is thriving. She wakes up laughing and smiling every morning.

She’s beginning to make cooing sounds. Bobby and I are so tickled with everything she does.”

We love these updates, Bobby & Tachaundra! Can’t wait to see how she grows up!





Baby’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas from this sweet adoptive couple, Dustin and Jessica!

This update of their little girl is adorable. It’s her first Christmas!


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What a Beautiful Blessing

We finalized Lela’s adoption and she’s officially a member of our family! Everything is going very well. Lela is growing fast and learning new skills every day.

We have been very busy with doctor appointments and testing due to her blindness but finally have an official diagnosis so we are able to step back to just maintenance visits. We are busy with therapies every week and are enjoying every minute with her.

Our relationship with her first family is fantastic and we are looking forward to seeing them again next week. We had three wonderful visits with them when they were in town visiting family.

Our older children are enjoying having a tiny little sister to love on and we got right back into the swing of raising an infant without any difficulty. It is definitely a new experience to juggle three teens, a tween, and a toddler, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

We are so in love and so grateful for Lifetime’s help in bringing our beautiful blessing to our family!

-Brent and Carrie



Baby’s First Thanksgiving

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bobby and Tachaundra gave us this little update on their daughter, Ahava:

“This Thanksgiving we are so very thankful for Ahava, her birth mother, and God leading us to Lifetime Adoption. Happy Thanksgiving!”

It was Ahava’s first Thanksgiving. Look at that big, adorable grin!



Blessed by Adoption

Lifetime would like to congratulate adoptive parents Scott and Christa from Florida…

They just brought their baby boy, Dylan, home through a Lifetime adoption! Dylan joins their other son, Colin, who’s proud to have a little brother.





Oh How They Grow

Good morning Linda!

Here’s a recent photo of Keegan so you can see how much this boy has grown!

He’s doing so great and he has such a fun personality. We absolutely love this age – nearly 18 months already!

-John and Christine



Isn’t She Lovely

Hello Linda!

Ahava is growing so fast. We’re still in awe at how God found the baby that is meant especially for us. At times, I suddenly get a wave of gratefulness when I look at her.

Diaper changes and feedings are such a joy because we’ve waited so long to do what some think is mundane or routine.

Grandma, great grandma, aunts and cousins can’t seem to get enough of her!

-Bobby and Tachaundra



Lil Reindeer Reporting for Duty

Counting down until his first Christmas!

This little guy is already eight months old. Adoptive parents Silas and Dawn share, “Here’s a photo of Reindeer Talon reporting for duty. We love him so much. He is so fun!”

They’ve been blessed with such a happy boy. Thank you for the update; we can’t wait to see how he grows!






She’s Our Gift From God

It is so wonderful to watch this little girl grow up! Thank you Greg and Tina for another update. We are so excited to see her in the next stages!

Greg and Tina share, “Brooklyn is six months old now! Her adoption finalization will be next week…praise the Lord!

This little girl is so amazing. Truly our gift from God!”





jason_yava-dedicationYou Helped Make This Life Possible!

Hey Tiffany,

Here’s a picture of us from our Halloween at our church’s trunk or treat. And also one from Avi’s dedication ceremony at church.

As you can see, we’re a happy family! Thanks for helping make this life possible!

-Jason and Yava





Enjoying Every Moment

Tiffany and Linda:

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us start our family through adoption. We will always have fond memories of the time we worked together.

We are so excited to finally have Winston with us and are enjoying every moment.

Thanks again!

-Maurice and Kim





Thank You, Lifetime, for All Your Guidance!

We want to thank you for all your guidance and care during this transition time in our lives. Just when we thought an adoption wasn’t going to happen before we moved, it happened!

Our daughter, Ahava Grace, was born on Tachaundra’s birthday. How awesome is that?! She is the sweetest. We love her so much. Her birth mother will always hold a special place our hearts.

-Bobby and Tachaundra







A Forever Home

Happy day for David & Deanna…they just finalized their daughter’s adoption! Pictured in the lower photo (left to right) is Adoption Support Coordinator Tiffany, David, Deanna, their daughter Madison, and the judge.

David and Deanna say, “Thanks so much. Can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING!”


If you’re thinking about adopting a child, explore the next steps with Lifetime.

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Life is Good

Many blessings to Adoption Agency Florida’s adoptive parents John & Christine!

They share, “Life is so good and we continue to be blessed. Keegan blesses us every day and we love this kid so much!”


If you are thinking about infant adoption, please contact us or call 1-877-383-6847.

We’ll provide you with the steps you’ll need to take to get started on the path towards parenthood!




Blessed by Adoption

Adoption Agency Florida would like to congratulate new adoptive parents, Maurice and Kim. They just brought their baby boy home through adoption! They’ve truly been blessed with a wonderful experience and a lovely birth mother.

They shared, “Time has been flying by, but we are loving every second of it. Here’s a picture of Winston, and a video about our adoption journey to him. Thanks again for everything you have done for us to make our dreams come true!”

Watch their adoption story by clicking “play” below:



Lifetime Helped Build Our Family

Today we finalized Camden’s adoption! We are so thankful for you and everyone at Lifetime Adoption!

Lifetime made the adoption process so much easier than we ever thought possible. We are so grateful and look forward to another adoption in the future!

-John and Jennifer


silas_dawn smaller


What a Happy Boy!

We got a visit from this little guy this week! SO CUTE!

It was so nice to visit with new adoptive parents, Silas and Dawn and their nearly six-month-old baby boy. (He already has 2 teeth!) Such a happy boy!


If you’re thinking about adopting a child, apply online or contact us to learn more about the possibilities for your family’s future.


Such a Cutie

Mia is getting so big. She is now on the charts with the rest of the 1-month-olds.

We had a welcome shower for her where she was showered with love. She appeared in some hospital pictures on her discharge day, and we’ve been the paparazzi at home. Her next official shoot is at three months; time is flying! She is such a cutie!

-TJ and Adriane




We Adopted a Baby Boy!

We had a family visit us who recently adopted through Lifetime!

“Baby Molaki is beautiful! Such a nice family…they said their experience was amazing and they are already talking about doing it again with Lifetime! Beaming!” shares Linda, Lifetime Director.

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A Gift from Above

We can believe it’s been almost 3 months since we brought little Aviya home. Her personality is really starting to shine now. She laughs and coos all the time! She loves bathtime and having us read to her.

We recently had a homecoming shower and the love and support from our friends and family was amazing. Since Yava is a veterinarian, the party planning committee themed the party in Doc McStuffins. We asked for African American-themed books and especially those related to adoption. We were showered with baby gifts, advice, and books!

Aviya started daycare this month too. Mommy cried and she and Daddy giggled!

We are eternally grateful to Lifetime and her birth mother for blessing our lives so abundantly.

-Jason and Yava


Our Dream Come True (times ten)!

Hi Linda,

Brooklyn is so amazing! She is very social and alert and smiley and loves everyone. She fits into our family so perfectly and everyone tells us that she got the best family ever! Great fit for her too!

She is my focus & my everything… and is so loved! I still watch her sleep at times and can’t believe she is finally here. My dreams come true times ten! She sleeps through the night now! Total peach.

Tina (and Greg)




Our Handsome and Happy Boy

Hi Linda and Deena,

We wanted to reach out to you both to share how Weston is doing. Can’t believe how much Weston has grown in eight months, he’s getting so big! He already has six teeth in. Everywhere we go people stop us to comment on what a handsome, happy and well behaved baby he is.

He is a good eater. He loves fruits and vegetables especially avocado, asparagus, and broccoli. He is even starting to self-feed some food.

We are going for a long weekend to visit his birth mother and her family in two weeks. Her mom has actually invited us to stay with her and her husband instead of staying at a hotel. We’re going to go with Weston’s birth mom and her daughters to the beach during this visit!

-Kevin and Jess


Thank You Lifetime for Bringing Us Together!


Lorenzo’s adoption finalization was just two days after his third birthday. So that was pretty amazing! Jody’s parents were there and it went very quick.

We’ve made great strides with Lorenzo. For a while, I think he was struggling with adjusting due to learning right and wrong behavior. He would have small anger and frustration moments when he didn’t get his way. But he’s fabulous now!

He has a toy train set and he loves pretending he’s Thomas the Train. He absolutely loves swimming so going on our boat has been the highlight of the summer so far.

Our family members are planning a “welcome to the family/gotcha party” next month. We wanted some more time to bond with Lorenzo before he met the rest of the family. And trust me we’re big! He’s met some but not all.

He’s grown about three inches since coming home, so we’ve gone through a few “eating everything in sight” and “sleeping a lot” phases. He’s already outgrowing some of his 4T stuff too. We think he’s definitely going to be a tall boy!

We can’t thank you all at Lifetime for being the thread that tied our families together. Lorenzo’s birth mother is an amazing woman and gave us the best gift we could ever ask for. We keep in touch with her quite often and she’s doing great. She’s enrolled in college and almost done with her first term at becoming a nurse. We are so proud of her! We haven’t talked anymore about when a good time would be for Lorenzo to see her again but we will wait for a few more months to pass. It will be great to see her again! Once again thank you so much for everything!

-Pete and Jody


Blue Eyed Girl

Happy second birthday Stevie, from the ladies of Lifetime Adoption!

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So Blessed

Look who turned two months today…Our miracle sent from above, Brooklyn Marie.

Thanks to Lifetime and our amazing lawyer Kathleen. It was a very long bumpy challenging blessed road that led us to our perfect match. So blessed!

-Greg and Tina




Adorable Sweet Baby

Congratulations, TJ and Adriane, on your lovely baby girl! We are so excited for you!

One week after she was born, little Mia left the hospital with TJ and Adriane last night.

She is doing wonderfully, and the adoptive couple is still pinching themselves with this beautiful “drop in lap” adoption situation.

-The Lifetime Staff




A Heart to Call Home

Good morning Linda and Deena!

Yesterday’s adoption finalization was such a pivotal and moving day! My cousin and a couple friends were there.

Here are a few pics: one was taken after our finalization proceedings; Mason’s teddy bear was from the judge and it has his name on it. The other photo is of Mason in the onesie he had under his “court outfit.”



Forever Ours

Congratulations, Roderick and Kim, on the finalization of your daughter’s adoption! We are so excited for you!

-The Lifetime Staff

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Our Greatest Love of All

We are overjoyed that the baby girl that’s been growing in our hearts is now home in our arms. Our daughter, Aviya is truly a blessing and we fell in love with her at first sight! Lifetime has been AMAZING and has made this process smooth as it could be. Tiffany answered our every call and email and helped calm all of our fears. We have ALREADY recommended Lifetime to several of our friends because we trust and appreciate their warmth, genuine concern and professionalism. We pray that other adoptive families and birth moms are guided and supported as we were.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”




Born in Our Hearts

Congratulations, Kevin and Jessica, on the finalization of your son’s adoption! We are so excited for you!

-The Lifetime Staff

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They’re Such a Blessing in Our Lives

Hi Deena!

It’s great to hear from you! The kids are doing excellent and are growing so much! We are all very happy and the kids are doing amazing and are in a good place. We are so proud of them and they are such a blessing in our lives! At now five and six, they continue to blow our minds with their progression. They are currently finishing the 3rd grade in homeschool, are taking karate (where they are getting 1st and 3rd place metals in tournaments), they sing in the county children’s choir, are young leaders at our church and are loved by our entire community. We can’t go anywhere without them being recognized and loved on. They are so loving, and giving and kind. We are so amazed by them. Though there were some more challenging times than others, they have persevered in ways I can only credit to God! They have both humbled us and enriched our lives in ways we can not explain in words. The latest and greatest is they are wanting us to adopt more children.

As always, thank you for all you have done for us!

-Raphael and Kimberly


So Happy We Chose Lifetime!

We’re excited to celebrate new adoptive parents, David and Deanna, who welcomed their newborn daughter this weekend!

“It’s been unbelievably busy these last few days! Thank YOU SO MUCH. Actually thank you isn’t good enough because how grateful we truly are can’t be put into words! We are SO happy we chose Lifetime on our special journey…God had His plan and He intervened and everything worked out better than perfect! We love all of you very much. It truly is by the grace of God that she is ours and she is absolutely perfect! Love you – huge hugs!”

-David and Deanna




Adopted in Love

Hi Linda!
We were hoping to stop by your office soon, to visit with Weston. His adoption is going to be finalized next week in court! Here’s a recent picture of Weston as well. Hope you have a nice Mother’s Day!

-Kevin and Jess





Heaven Sent

Our daughter Kestrel is two months old! She now weighs 4 pounds 12 ounces, over twice her birth weight of 2 pounds 4 ounces. She’s grown more out than up, but has grown from 15 inches long to 17. Kestrel now regulates her own body temperature. That means she’s out of the incubator and into a crib. It also means she can start wearing clothes!

Kestrel began the slow transition to bottle feeding. Two of her eight daily feedings are by bottle, but she typically falls asleep halfway through. She usually gives a good burp without prompting and gives us “the hand” when she’s had enough patting on the back.

Kestrel is more alert now, opening her eyes wide and looking around her room. When she hears someone talking, she looks around to try to find them.

The hospital asked Laura and Kestrel to be models for Kangaroo Care. Kestrel has provided her first photo release form!

In addition to Kangaroo Care on the chest, we are holding her in our arms or on a boppy pillow so Kestrel can see our faces. She is also getting foot and hand massage as assigned by her occupational therapist.

We look forward to being together with Kestrel on Mother’s Day. We hope to all be back home by Father’s Day!

-Eric and Laura

4 days and 4 mos

My Handsome Little Man

Mason is now FOUR MONTHS OLD! Here’s a photo comparing him at four days old, and now at four months.

He just had his first cold. Awww…even at his “lower energy” self, he’s still a cute bundle of joy.




Bundle of Joy

Hi Tiffany,

We just wanted to say hi and keep you guys in the loop with Camden. He’s doing amazing and is the cutest thing on earth. We think he wants to be a baby model!

-John and Jennifer



Thank Heaven for Baby Boys

Congratulations, Robert and Brie, on your beautiful baby boy! We are so excited for you!

-The Lifetime Staff






Love Bug

Hi Deena-

Here are some pictures of our June bug! Can’t believe she is already four months old!

Life has just been soo much fun with her! We hope all is well with you!

-Jordan and Julie


Rick and Jessica's adoption journey ended with the adoption of Corbin

Worth the Wait

Hi All,

We are over the moon excited about our sweetest addition to our family! Corbin Edward! We are all home now and doing wonderfully. He’s is doing so well! Sleeps, eats and poops a lot! We’re loving being parents and he was worth every minute of our adoption journey!

Our guardianship was approved and signed by the judge. He’s all ours! His adoption date should be happening in the next month or so.

We can’t thank all of you enough over at Lifetime for all the support and words of encouragement along our journey. The hospital experience was amazing and so special being with birth mom, birth mom’s mom, sister and the birth father. One of the best moments was when the birthfather said when he met Rick and I he couldn’t imagine placing his son with more of a perfect family! We all bonded and it was so bittersweet to say good-bye to all of them. Thanks again and love to you all! Hope you all have a blessed Easter!

-Rick and Jessica


One Happy Family

Congratulations Eric and Erica, on the finalization of your daughter’s adoption! Pictured are the adoptive couple Eric and Erica with their family and the judge after the finalization proceedings.


The Lifetime Staff


IMG_6952 copy

An Amazing Gift

Congratulations, Andrea, on your baby boy! We are so excited for you!

-The Lifetime Staff







Sweet Tooth

Hi Linda,

Big boys who are teething love pumpkin and sweet potato baby cookies! Hope he still likes his veggies?

-John & Christine






Wrapped in Love

Hello Linda,

I attached a few of her professional pictures we received back. Love, Love them. She is our precious, sweet miracle!!

Talk to you soon.

Sheila & Cliff



Love Times Two

Congratulations David & Amanda!


The Lifetime Staff





Collage 2

A Double Blessing

Hi Linda,

We’re planning a birthday party for the twins, but it won’t be until January because of everyone’s work schedules right now (holidays). We had a little party for them on Tuesday. I will forward a pic once I have the boss’s (Retta) seal of approval on one that looks nice…lol.

Rayne and JD are such an absolute blessing, and we thank God for them every day! And we appreciate so much all of your help in bringing us together!

–Matt & Retta & Rayne & JD



A Boy is a Joy!

Hi Linda,

We are doing great. Our little boy is getting so big.


Chris & Kelly



One Big Happy Family!

Lifetime received such a sweet picture update from on of our families!

We are so happy for you John, Melissa and family!






What a Guy!

Hi Linda,

It’s great to hear from you. Everything is going really well. Landon is growing and spreading so my joy. He is truly our blessing. Here are some photos. Thanks again for checking in. We cannot thank you and the Lifetime Family enough.

Best Regards,

Nick, Lillian, & Landon



I Grew in Mommy’s Heart


I cannot believe its been 1 year since I was matched. I remember everything about that morning, including calling you back at 10:10 am ET and saying yes.

Lindsay turns 1 in a few short weeks. She has been a constant joy and entertainment. I would not trade a moment of our time together (even the teething, she has 8). She is my Lovey. As I celebrate her year of firsts, I wanted you to know I have not once forgotten about Lifetime or you and the gift you have given me. You and Lifetime are in the business of making dreams come true.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so blessed to call myself Lindsay’s mom.

Love and blessings, Cynthia


collage 2

Hauntingly Cute

Hi Deena,

Here are a couple of pictures – I’m afraid he has only gotten cuter…

– Josh & Lindsay




A Girl of Grace

The Lifetime staff wants to congratulate Paula on her baby girl!









A Match Made in Heaven

Here are a few photos from one of our Lifetime families! Congrats Scott & Christyna!

-Lifetime Staff





J Collage

Oh, How They Grow!


Just wanted to say hey and send some pictures of our big guy. He is growing up too fast! Hope all is going well. I know it has been almost two years now, but we will forever be grateful for all of your help!


Jason & Angel




It’s the Big ONE

Lennon has turned one! Congratulations Zachary & La Lynda!

-Lifetime Staff






The Beginning of all Things Wonderful

Keith & Monica,

The Lifetime staff wants to congratulate you on your new bundle of joy!






Little Sister

John & Melissa,

Congratulations on your sweet daughter!

Lifetime staff




God’s Greatest Gift

Eric & Erica,

Congratulations from the Lifetime staff!






Love at First Sight

Geoff & Natalie,

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!

-Lifetime staff







Sweet Girl

Hi Deena!

Here is our lil pumpkin!! Things are going well with our birth mother too. She calls or texts ~once a month or so and we send her pictures etc. She has been very sweet with us and we are hoping she will come for Ryanne’s first birthday party….. 🙂

Adam & Tess



family photo

Baby You’re the Best!


We are doing well. Isaiah is such a blessing. Its so fun to see all the new things every week. Now that he is 6 months, almost 7, we can really start to see more personality.

Craig & Marissa







The Dream Team

Hi Linda!

We are doing great, just working on the sleep schedule. We really can’t complain, but it would be nice if he slept just a bit longer at night 🙂

Josh & Lindsay




Partners in Crime


Elyse is doing well. Dallas is so happy about is sister here are some pictures!

Ingrid & Deshon




PicMonkey Collage

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy Terry & Rochelle!

From the Lifetime Staff







Adam & Tess - Baby Girl

Baby Girl!

Adam & Tess,

Congratulations on your baby girl!

Lifetime Staff







raphael & kim adoption finalization

Forever Family!

Linda and Deena, God is good! We are elated to tell you that our adoption of our angels Alexis and Javon finalized via a video conference hearing yesterday. We are a forever family! We are feeling so joyful and so blessed. The kids were so excited about the final hearing that they could barely sleep the night before. They have been telling everyone that they have a forever family. Again thank you all at Lifetime for the persistence and hard work in making our dreams of parenthood come true. Raphael, Kimberly, Alexis and Javon


PicMonkey Collage

Extra Special!

Congratulations Stephen & Jordan from the staff at Lifetime Adoption Inc!






PicMonkey Collage

It Takes Two

Hi Linda,

We are all doing great! JD is growing like a weed, he eats a lot! Rayne is getting bigger too, but she is smaller than her brother. All is well here, and we had a very nice Christmas and New Years. We hope you had a nice holiday as well, and best wishes for the new year!

— Matt & Retta




Happiness is…

This open adoption has been more than I could’ve expected. We actually drove down twice since his birth and visited the birth mother and her family. Linda, Deena and I email often sharing updates. Jeremiah is now 13 months old and has blessed our family, church family, and community greatly.

Jason & Angel


PicMonkey Collage

Our Little Miracle!

Congratulations James & Kellie from the staff at Lifetime Adoption Inc!






PicMonkey Collage

Miles of Smiles

Hi Deena!!!
Happy New Year to you! It’s nice to hear from you.
Everything is going well. We have been quite busy! We had a great summer with trips to see the grandparents (Can we say getting spoiled!), visiting amusement/waterparks and museums for the first time and their favorite, dressing up like cows for Chick-fil-A Cow day. Alexis and Javon are doing excellent! They have transitioned quite well. They are such AMAZING children! We are so amazed each day of their progress. They soak up education like a sponge! They LOVE schoolwork! Yes! Can you believe it? If they could have learning time all day, they would. They have developed great friendships with the kids in our new neighborhood, church and in our town. They are extremely personable and love people. We live in a close-knit community where “everyone knows everyone.” They have made such an impression with everyone here. We can’t go anywhere without everyone asking for them! They get SO much attention! It doesn’t matter if we go to the grocery store or shopping or to the post office, everyone knows of Alexis and Javon as the sweetest kids they have ever met. If I go anywhere without them, people are literally disappointed. It’s so funny. It was such a pleasure to experience all the holidays with them. You can imagine all the excitement in the house with them learning about Halloween/Harvest Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We also continue to have a great relationship with their birth mother and stay in contact with her often. She is doing great, working so hard to start achieving her future goals. Attached are some pictures of the kids! Thank you and your office for all the hard work in bringing Alexis and Javon into our lives! We cannot thank you enough! They are truly such blessings and amazing children! We all are so full of joy! Thanks Deena!!!!!!! With Much Gratitude and Thanks,

Raphael and Kim

christmas collage

Our Dream Come True

We can’t thank you guys enough for all the joy and blessing you have bought us. We just can’t stop singing your praise of how professional and helpful Lifetime has been in making this a smooth and enjoyable experience. I know we have referred Lifetime to several families that have expressed interest in adopting. Our little princess was born in December and this is absolutely the most precious blessing anyone could pray or wish for, she has brought so much joy into our life. Just to be on the safe side I am including a couple of photos that we like the best and you ladies can decide which one you prefer, we’re fine with either one.

Best regards,
Charles, Rosa and baby Chase Rose

Baby Thomas is six months old!

God’s Greatest Gift

Hi Deanna, I hope all is well. We can’t believe Thomas Michael just turned six months old. The time is flying by and his smile at lunch time or learning to enjoy music never gets old! All seems to be going very smoothly with the final adoption proceedings. All is in place for the adoption to be finalized this week in court!

Thomas & Michelle

Chris and Katrina with little Andrew

Adoption Finalization Day!

Today Andrew’s adoption was finalized. We are extremely happy! This little guy has brought us so much joy and we just love him to pieces. We want to thank everyone at Lifetime for supporting us on our journey.

— Chris and Katrina




Kaleb and Christina's adoption blessing

Kaleb and Christina Adopted a Baby Girl!

Congratulations from the staff at Lifetime Adoption Inc!





Steve and Jordan's adoption blessing!

Steve and Jordan Adopted a Baby Girl!

Congratulations from the staff at Lifetime Adoption Inc!







Joseph and Brittiny were doubly blessed by adoption

Delightful Duo

Here’s a sweet adoption update we received from adoptive couple Joseph and Brittiny, who adopted boy/girl twins: “We finalized a couple of months ago. Everything is going really well, Joseph and Bryannah are great. They will be eight months soon and they’ve gotten so big. Everything is going really great!”






Allie was blessed by adoption!

Allie Adopted a Baby Girl!

Congratulations from the staff at Lifetime Adoption Inc!





Paul and Summer's happy family

Our Amazing Family Addition

Hello to Everyone at Lifetime! It’s official! Exactly two months after bringing our precious baby boy home from the hospital, his adoption was finalized! The past couple of months have been amazing and we can’t thank you all enough for the encouragement and help you have provided throughout this entire journey. Without the incredible ladies at Lifetime and without our son’s wonderful birth parents, we wouldn’t have this amazing addition to our family and answer to our prayers. We thank God that He brought us all together in His perfect plan and timing. We can’t wait to do it all over again!

With love and gratitude,
Paul and Summer


Bundle of joy Thomas Michael

Our Bundle of Joy

It felt like we waited a lifetime for Thomas Michael. In reality, after completing Lifetime Adoption’s requirements we were matched within three weeks. Today, we celebrate his presence in our lives and the immediate joy he has brought to our home. Initially, the adoption process seemed so foreign and daunting, but now it is all a distant memory every time we look into Thomas’ eyes. Everything went smoothly and we know there were angels along the journey to ensure our bundle of joy arrived safely in our arms.

Thank you again for everything!
–Thomas & Michelle




Fernando and Mariana adopted a baby boy

Fernando and Mariana Adopted a Baby Boy!

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption!
The proud parents share, “We’re happy beyond words. Our Santiago is a little piece of Heaven!”





Chris and Katrina adopted a baby boy from Lifetime Adoption Inc.

Happy Baby

Hello Deena, Everything is going great with us! Andrew is three months old now, and he is one of the happiest babies we’ve ever been around. He is growing so fast and has a smile that melts hearts, as you can see from this picture!

— Chris and Katrina



Joseph and Brittany Adopted Twins!

Joseph & Brittany Adopted Twins!

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption Inc!





Baby's first Christmas

Forever Grateful

Little Jeremiah Dominique is growing fast! Today he is two months old. We are still in contact with his birth mother and grandmother. They even sent him a nice Christmas package in the mail! We are forever grateful for Lifetime Adoption and for the wonderful staff there. Thank you for making our adoption experience more than we could have ever expected.

— Jason and Angel





Baby girl adopted by D'Juan and Tamica

D’Juan and Tamica Adopted a Baby Girl!

Congratulations from the staff of Lifetime Adoption Inc!