How to Adopt a Newborn Baby or Child

You have many options as you consider adoption professionals that will help you adopt a baby or child. Finding the perfect Florida adoption agency isn’t easy.  We offer comprehensive, nationwide adoption services and have helped many families find the child they’ve been hoping for through the miracle of adoption.

adopting a baby through Adoption Agency Florida

Your Adoption Choices

Families have many choices as they consider adoption, both large and small. Knowing what you are looking for in the beginning is a key to a smooth and successful adoption.  Age, race, and substance usage during pregnancy are just a few of the things you will be asked about.  Other choices may have to do with medical history, gender, and ongoing contact. Taking time now to become educated on adoption through reading and speaking with others is a great way to know what you are open to. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them or talk things out with you so you know a little more about what to expect.

Open or Semi-Open Adoption

Today, closed adoption is rare, and open or semi-open adoption is commonplace.  It refers to the information both parties have about each other, as well as the ongoing contact after the adoption. It also refers to the choice a birth parent has in choosing the parents for her baby. Semi-open adoption occurs when both the birth parents and adoptive parents know limited information about each other that likely includes first names, state of residence, and other non-identifying details. They typically set up some sort of limited, ongoing contact, usually through letters and photos via their adoption agency or attorney. Open adoption includes a wide range of contact, including the parties meeting together, being present at the birth, exchanging contact information directly, and the continuation of a relationship after the adoption which can include not only letters and photos, but even visits, emails, and being Facebook friends!

The Steps to Adoption

The first step is to learn all you can through reading books or speaking with adoption professionals.  Here at Lifetime, we encourage you to complete our initial application after which, if we feel we are a good fit for you, we will schedule a complimentary conference call with one of our adoption coordinators.  During this call you can ask questions and learn more about the various paths to adoption. After you join our program, we will walk with you through each step, including the home study, preparing to be presented to birth mothers, your adoption match, and even the legal processes to finalize your Lifetime Adoption. Take the first step today by completing our free application to learn if the journey to your child begins with Lifetime Adoption.

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