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A Letter from Biju & Sara

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We are a loving family of 4 who is ready to expand our family through adoption. We look forward to bringing your child into our family and will share our passion of travel, education, and family. We are open to staying in contact with you through letters, photos, and visits if you wish!

About Us

When we met online, Biju lived in Georgia, and Sara lived in Illinois, but we were able to see each other quite often while Biju traveled for work. We got married in 2012 and now have 2 wonderful children. We would love to expand our family through adoption and our children are excited to welcome your child into our family!

As a family, we enjoy taking 3 to 4 vacations a year (places like Disney, local attractions, and international trips!), working in the kitchen, eating dinner together, reading books to our children, and spending time with our loved ones. We are always on the move with our children’s activities. We make sure to include our children in everything we do so they can learn right along with us.


Biju is a hardworking, goal-oriented, and caring husband and father. His number one priority is our family and is active in our children’s interests. When he walks into the room, our kids run to him! He is such a great father and I know he will show so much love for your child.

As a senior manager of the company he works for, he gets to travel all over the U.S. and occasionally has international business trips and brings us along when he can. Biju enjoys playing and watching sports, reading self-help books, researching investments, going to the gym, and taking us on new adventures.


Sara is supportive, loving, and gentle with our children. She will drop anything for our kids! She loves with her whole heart and being a mother comes naturally to her. She is so excited to have a child through adoption and to share our lives with him or her.

Sara loves to bake in the kitchen and find new recipes, read in her downtime, engage our children in fun learning activities, and take group exercise classes. One of her favorite parts about being a Pharmacist for our local community is seeing how much of a positive impact she has on people’s lives!

Our Family

Sara’s family lives in Illinois, and most of Biju’s family lives here in Georgia. We get to see Sara’s family about 4-5 times a year; we love going there to visit! Biju’s parents only live 30 minutes away, so we see them often.

We always get together with our extended family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with a big meal! We look forward to creating new memories as our family expands!

Our Children

Our daughter, Anjali, is a girly girl who is very loving to her brother. She loves to have tea parties and playing with other kids. Our son, Asher, is outgoing and wants to play all the time. It is so fun to watch how our children interact. They are going to be so great with another sibling!

Our Home in Georgia

Our 5-bedroom home has plenty of room for our children to grow! We have an extra room for a nursery and space for our family to visit. Our backyard is fenced in with a fun swing set our children love playing on!

We are only a 5-minute walk from a park where Anjali has started to take tennis lessons at. There is a neighborhood swimming pool, friendly family-oriented neighbors, and lots of culture. We love to go to the local science museum where we have a membership! We moved here because the school district is rated high, and we will be able to financially help our children go to college, if that is what they choose to do.

Our Promise

Your child will be provided with a loving, financially stable, and Christian family with caring siblings. We promise to love your child with our whole hearts, and will support him or her in whatever they want to do in life. We will make sure to provide your child with the opportunity to explore their interests to find their passion in life. Our home is welcoming and warm, and we are excited to bring your child into our family!

We are open to staying in contact with you as your child grows! We would love to speak with you soon. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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An audio message from Biju & Sara

  Biju Sara
Our EducationMastersDoctorate in Pharmacy
Our ProfessionsSenior manager/consultantPharmacist
Our Racial BackgroundIndianIndian
Some of Biju & Sara's Favorites
MovieBraveheartLove Actually
Cuisine Chinese Greek
Dessert Cookie Cake Ice Cream
HolidayThanksgiving Thanksgiving
HobbySpending time with my family and watching sports Baking
Family Activity Vacationing with familyCooking with our kids
Vacation SpotItalyItaly
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Biju loves to watch and play sports, read self-help books, work out at the gym, and spend time with our children. Sara enjoys baking in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, reading, and keeping our children engaged in fun activities.

Our Faith


About Our Home

Our 5 bedroom home has a lot of space for our children to grow up and run around with a swing set in the backyard. We are located in an excellent school district, a family-friendly community, are only a 5-minute walk from a large park. There is a community swimming pool that our kids love going to in the summer!

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