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A Letter from Brad & Stephanie

Hello! We met the first day of freshman orientation in college and have now been married 11 years. We are loving the journey and now enjoy life with our son, Sam, our dog, and our gecko. Family has always been our priority and we are ready with open hearts to connect with you and your child. You will always be a part of your child’s story; we already pray for you and can’t wait to meet you. We would love to get to know you and the hopes you have for your baby’s future.

What We're All About

Our lives are centered around our family, faith, and finding the fun in what we do. In our free time, we’re hanging out with friends, watching a movie together, swimming, hiking, or having a fire with marshmallows in the backyard.

Together we like:

Music: Stephanie loves to sing and Brad is an incredibly talented piano, guitar, and bass player. There’s always music playing here! We even enjoy regular sing-offs and dance-offs.
Creativity: We both love to use our artistic side. Stephanie enjoys graphic design and Brad draws.
Food: We’re always looking for new dishes to try. Our favorites are usually Thai and Cajun.
Outdoors: From the outdoor pool in the summer to hikes in the mountains or hitting the ski slopes, we love being outside. Sometimes that’s just a family walk through our neighborhood to the park.
Traveling: We love road trips and visiting new places to see the world around us: museums, national parks, candy factories, unique Air BnB’s to stay in, or fun landmarks along the way.
Our Pets: Our dog, Freddie, is a playful pup who is always ready for games, tummy rubs, and cuddles. We also have a pet gecko named Ringo.

Here's Stephanie!

Brad says: Stephanie is a devoted mother who shows compassion and grace to our son in a way that is truly awe-inspiring to me. She works part-time and loves the time she gets with Sam or to care for our family. Stephanie loves using her creative skills at work, doing graphic design and video editing.

Stephanie swims every morning, often doing laps in the pool before Sam and I have even woken up. Throughout the day she is often singing cheerfully. In the evenings, she is usually wrapped up in a book. It brings me so much joy to watch her share her love for reading with Sam during story times at home.

All About Brad

Stephanie says: Brad is my best friend and lives his life through his heart, putting others first. He’s always supporting or encouraging others, ready to play a game, share a snack, take a hike, or just spend time in the moment. Brad can also draw and enjoys woodworking or carving wooden flowers and animals. He can sketch Simba or our dream house floor plan, and recently built a playhouse for Sam in our yard.

As a realtor, Brad is able to work from home and have flexible hours to spend with our family. He truly enjoys the connection with the people he serves, whether it’s helping them buy a home, playing bass on the worship team at church, or grabbing coffee with friends and clients.

Our Little Man, Sam

We have one son, six-year-old Sam. He’s an active little guy, loves to pretend, and gets along well with other kiddos. He’s kind, sharing, and affectionate, already good at math, and is a big fan of dinosaurs and stickers. Sam will be a caring big brother and is so excited about having a little sibling. He talks almost every single day about having his own baby and how excited he is to sing them lullabies.

Our Home in Colorado

We love our life in beautiful Colorado. We live in a cozy 3-bedroom duplex on a quiet cul-de-sac. Our home is our haven, with lots of light and a yard with big trees and room to play. We live close to friends, our church, Sam’s school, and the ice cream shop. Also nearby is the downtown strip where we love going to the annual ice sculpting and sidewalk chalk festivals!

It’s an easy and scenic drive to get up to the Rocky Mountains, where we’re always keeping an eye out for wildlife (especially big-horned sheep). Our favorite little town also has beautiful trails to hike, and a caramel apple shop we can’t ever pass up.

Our Heart for Adoption & Our Promise to You

Together we are confident and excited that we have been called to adoption. We promise to love your child unconditionally. We promise comfort, laughs, hugs, and never-ending support in every season. We promise to provide a safe and stable home life. We promise trips to the park, help with homework, road trips, and living room picnic movie nights.

We promise to honor you as a special part of our family’s story. If you’re interested, we would love to share a lifelong relationship with you. We see adoption as more than adding a child to our family! You would be part of our family too.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Brad & Stephanie

  Brad Stephanie
Our EducationMastersBA
Our ProfessionsRealtorDirector of Administration & Communication
Stay-At-HomeNo, but works from home somePart-time
Our Racial BackgroundWhiteWhite
Some of Brad & Stephanie's Favorites
TV ShowStranger ThingsJane the Virgin
MealRoast Beef & Mashed PotatoesTacos
College CourseCreative WritingSocial Psychology
Childhood MemoryGame nights in the camper with my familyTent camping on the river in Maine with my cousins every summer
City We've Visited AbroadSan Juan La Laguna, GuatemalaParis, France
Cartoon CharacterBluey's dad, Bandit HeelerA classic, Winnie the Pooh
Song"Captivated" by Shawn McDonald"The Room Where It Happens" from the Hamilton Soundtrack
More About Our Family
Highlights of a Typical Week with our Family

- Sam loves school and regularly goes to swim lessons at the rec center
- Stephanie volunteers with the youth group at church every Wednesday
- Brad makes a cup of coffee and takes the dog on a daily walk through the neighborhood
- A regular Sunday involves church, naps, and family time in the yard
- We're always game for a nighttime movie together

Our Extended Families

We have loving relationships with our extended families. Our son and future baby have 4 very loving, doting grandparents. We have three sisters and three brothers-in-law who we love dearly and we all love being aunts and uncles to each other's kids!

Stephanie's family, while not nearby, are very much a part of our lives. We fly as often as we can to see each other, and they're so invested in our adoption journey. Brad's parents live in town, so dinners and playdates can happen often. Everyone is excited about our plans to adopt!

Fun Facts About Us

- Stephanie speaks French, is obsessed with Broadway musicals, and wants to learn sign language.
- Brad loves puzzles, doesn't like to watch the same movie twice, and enjoys spending time in his wood shop in the garage.
- We love playing board and card games! Dutch Blitz, Code Names, and Settlers of Catan are some of our favorites.

Favorite Family Traditions

For birthdays we like to plan experiences as gifts: Stephanie's favorites are trips to the mountains, Sam loves going to the zoo, and Brad loves a night out with good friends and food.

For Christmas we alternate which extended family we're with, and our own traditions include opening stockings on Christmas Eve and opening the presents throughout the day instead of all at once.

Thanksgiving is a wild card. Some years we're with family, some years we go on a Family Adventure! One year we did a Southwest Road Trip to Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-3 months




Either boy or girl

In Closing

From both of us, we promise to love you and to love your baby unconditionally. Forever. We promise to seek open, safe communication with you as much as you're comfortable with. We promise to care for your baby when they're tiny. We promise to give him or her adventures and experiences and opportunities when they're older. We promise to wrap them up fully in our lives and provide love, safety, encouragement, honesty, support, belonging, and a home to thrive in.

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