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A Letter from Derrick & Jenny

Hello from beautiful Alaska! We are a joyful Christian couple thrilled to grow our family through adoption again. We would love to share our passions for sports, reading, and outdoor funs with your child. Open adoption has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways! Our son’s birth mother keeps in contact with us, and we welcome an ongoing connection with you, if you’re comfortable. We are all about making memories from time together, such as family bike rides, camping trips, and playing basketball in the driveway. It would be an honor to get to know you and the life you want for your child!

About Us

We met through a mutual friend and quickly realized that we shared a lot in common. It wasn’t long after that when we started dating, and in 2012 we were married!

After experiencing the loss of our two babies due to genetic issues our hearts turned to adoption and in 2018 we were blessed to adopt our son, Elias. He has been such a joy in our lives!

We live in the beautiful state of Alaska where we love to camp, have movie nights at home, hike, bike, and explore new places. We enjoy filling our home with fun activities, working in the garden, and taking walks through the local park.  We also enjoy going to the symphony, having family dinners together around the table, working on our home improvement projects, and sharing our passion for nature.  We treasure spending time together as a family and are excited to welcome your child into all of our adventures.

My husband, Derrick

Derrick is a loving husband and father with a great sense of humor. He loves watching and playing sports, playing with our son, Elias, and making up jokes and funny words that keep us laughing. He has a great work ethic, and he makes me proud by how hard he works both at his office and at home. Derrick is the man who fixes things around the house, cooks dinner on the grill (I love it when he BBQs for dinner!), and loves to toss a ball around with our son. He is excited to teach our kids all about different sports, to read books with them, show them how to fix things, and help them with their school work.

My Wife, Jenny

Jenny is a fun, smart, thoughtful, loving wife and mom who has a passion for cooking and baking great food! She enjoys knitting and crocheting things for others, gardening, leatherworking, and playing games of all kinds. She keeps our home running on all cylinders and likes to add a personal touch to everything she does. Jenny brings so much beauty and creativity into our lives and likes to make our home feel welcoming with plants, music, and good food. She is excited to teach our kids how to cook, to appreciate and play different kinds of music, and to help spur on their curiosity as they grow.

Our Home in Alaska

We live in a wonderful two-story home with four bedrooms, a large open main living area, and a big back yard. Our home is in a quiet neighborhood close to trails and mountains. We always welcome family and friends that like to visit, and we often get to see the local wildlife such as moose in our neighborhood. We enjoy gardening vegetables and berries in the back yard, grilling our dinner outside on the deck, and going for walks in the neighborhood.

Our living room is the heart of our home and we spend most of our time there or in the kitchen.
Our front porch is great place to sit in the morning.

Our son, Elias

Elias was adopted in 2018, and he is such a joy in our lives! He loves to make us laugh, is curious about how things work, loves to be outside, and enjoys reading books. He is social, affectionate, and has a great sense of humor. We have a wonderful relationship with his birth mother, which includes regular photo updates and phone calls.

Our Family

Derrick is originally from Montana, and Jenny is originally from Oregon. We love to visit our families when we can and enjoy going on adventures when they come to visit. In all, we have 15 nieces and nephews, and we love getting to visit them. Derrick has one sister and Jenny has two brothers and a sister. Our parents all love being grandparents and everyone is so excited to welcome your child into the family!

Our Promise

We love being parents, and we have so much love to give to your child. As Christians, we promise to raise your child in a two-parent home and seek to share God’s love for us all by filling our home with love, learning, encouragement, laughter, adventures, singing, and great memories.

We look forward to reading bedtime stories, gardening, baking cookies, tickle fights, and movie nights as a family. We will teach them to love creation and to look at it with wonder and awe. They will grow up knowing they are deeply loved by God, by us, and by you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Derrick & Jenny

  Derrick Jenny
Our EducationEngineeringOffice Specialist
Our ProfessionsCivil Engineer
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Derrick & Jenny's Favorites
MovieOh, Brother Where Art ThouYou've Got Mail
MealSteak and potatoes or Chinese FoodRoast Beef with Mashed Potatoes
MusicCountryClassical, Rock, Swing
Snack FoodChocolate MilkFries
More About Our Family
Things we love about living in Alaska

• Beautiful hiking, walking trails, and parks to explore
• Super long days in the summer (lots of time for playing and gardening!)
• Our small garden with strawberries, herbs, and raspberries
• Growing a flower garden
• Watching wildlife right in our own yard
• Winter snow fun!

Our Faith

Our faith is a big part of our life. We are active in our church and attend every week. Derrick helps with the church service and as the financial secretary, and Jenny works on the church website and uploading sermons. Our church has lots of young children, and also we love spending time with families during the week. At home, we like to read out loud from our Bible after dinner and share devotion time together.

Musical Fun Facts About Us

• We sing a lot in our home, and also play the piano and ukulele.
• In high school, Derrick played saxophone, and Jenny played clarinet.
• Jenny will often make up songs or sing little songs to make things fun for Elias.

An average week in our home...

• On weekends, we all get up and play in the living room together, then Derrick and Eli like to go see the fish at Cabelas or look around Home Depot.
• Throughout the week, we enjoy maintaining our home and yard, like mowing, weeding, or vacuuming the cars.
• We have dinner as a family every night, and after Elias is in bed, we like to talk, play a game, or watch TV together.
• Bed time for Elias is a sweet time to settle down, reading books, singing, and saying a prayer with him.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to one year.


Definitely yes!



Sibling Group

We would love siblings up to a year old!

In Closing

Thank you for considering us as a family for your child. We promise to provide a stable two-parent home for your child where they will grow up loved and cherished by us. We will share lots of love, laughter and adventure together as a fmaily. We are open to letters, pictures, and visits if you feel comfortable! We look forward to getting to know you.

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