Little baby crawling on floor not in a closed adoption

Q: Is closed adoption without any birth parent contact easier to obtain in another country?

A: If fear of openness and relating to a birth mother occupy your thoughts, you need to learn why and to resolve this issue before you adopt any child. Some adoptive parents are terribly afraid that a birth mother may try to reclaim her baby. They often think they would feel more secure adopting a child abandoned to an orphanage, mother unknown. And it is true that most international adoptions are, indeed, closed. Unfortunately for your child, you may not have much to share about his or her origins; this difficulty is slowly changing, but it is something we must accept in adopting internationally.

Domestically, few adoption professionals provide closed and sealed adoptions any longer. If this is indeed your desire, speak with other parents who have closed adoptions, and seek out the other side, as well. There are stories from grown children of adoption, birth mothers, and families that will help you decide what works best for your family.

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Written by Adoption Agency Florida