Adoption Support Coordinator

Nurith Vidal, adoption coordinator at Adoption Agency Florida
Nurith answers questions and provides a non-judgmental, empathetic listening ear as she helps women who are thinking about adoption. She also helps them find adoptive parents for their child while navigating through the adoption process in our New Port Richey location in Florida.

Born in Peru, Nurith moved to the U.S. more than 20 years ago. She provides Lifetime Spanish translation services, and we are proud that thanks to her, we are able to offer our websites, brochures, and videos in Spanish. She is also the primary point of contact for birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies whose native language is Spanish so that they can also explore adoption as an option.

Nurith’s work experience includes student services in higher education, mentoring, coaching, and empowering women. She has a passion for helping others in different capacities.

“My favorite quote is ‘Los momentos de Dios son siempre perfectos.’ (God’s moments are always perfect.)”
Nurith Vidal