This baby's adoptive parents found the right adoption agency in LifetimeAs you begin exploring the process of adopting a baby, you’ll realize that you will need help from a professional. The domestic adoption process can be a complicated one. There are many facets involved, including the task of creating a profile to present your family to potential birth parents, hiring a social worker to conduct your home study, hiring an adoption attorney to finalize, and more. While you can choose an independent adoption and do all of this yourselves, most hopeful adoptive parents work with an adoption agency.
You will need the right adoption agency to help you because if your adoption isn’t done correctly, your risk of experiencing an adoption scam, fall-through, or reclaim rapidly increases. The best agency for you may not be the small one that happens to have an office located close to you. It might not be the one your cousin’s wife told you about. You can and should get better adoption services.
Growing your family through adoption is a major life event. So it makes sense that you should have and you deserve to have the very best agency working for you.
Lifetime Adoption is one of many national adoption agencies that complete adoptions from beginning to end. We offer a wide range of valuable adoption services, such as screening, counseling, education, marketing, outreach, and home study services. We’re a full-service professional, and our adoptive couples know that with Lifetime, their adoption will be completed legally, safely, and ethically from start to finish.
With so many adoption professionals offering so many different programs and services, hopeful adoptive parents often wonder which adoption agency to hire. You might be asking yourself the same thing: which adoption professional can best help you achieve your adoption goals?
Don’t look any further — Lifetime Adoption will provide all of the adoption services you need. As a nationwide, customer-focused adoption agency, we are here to guide you through every step of this journey.
Still wondering why you’d hire an adoption agency? Here are three reasons why you need the best adoption agency to help you:

1. Making the best match with an expectant mother

A match is made when an adoption agency connects you with a birth mother. This occurs after she reads your adoption profile or website and chooses you as her baby’s parents. Making this connection is the beginning of what will lead her to place her baby in your arms.
The fact is, no one wants to wait a long time to adopt. When you have decided that adoption will be the way you begin (or expand!) your family, chances are that you’d like it to happen sooner rather than later. Connecting with a birth mom as fast as possible means you will adopt more quickly.
Hiring the right agency means they have the experience to reach out to potential birth moms. Lifetime Adoption has nearly four decades of experience in speaking to, counseling, and supporting birth parents to make the best match with you.

2. Avoiding adoption scams

Adoption professionals such as Lifetime screen prospective adoptive families and birth parents to measure their commitment to adoption. These screening services are in place to protect everyone involved in the adoption process.
Lifetime Adoption takes steps to ensure that all birth parents receive counseling and education. This support confirms their commitment to adoption. It also reduces the likelihood of an adoption scammer taking advantage of you.
It’s a harsh reality that in adoption, scams happen – both financial and emotional. It is an awful experience, and so you’ll want to do all you can to avoid getting scammed.
Most adoption scams come from women who pose as expectant moms wanting to place their baby for adoption. Working with the right adoption agency will allow you to avoid these scams. Lifetime’s adoption professionals are trained to spot red flags. Since we deal with so many adoption situations, we’re equipped to help you save time, money, and heartbreak.

3. Communication and support

The process of adopting can be both mentally and emotionally challenging. There will be times when you feel the need to talk with your adoption agency right away.
The right agency already knows this and provides this kind of support. They remain available for you and will communicate well. Here at Lifetime, we will work with you as you create your profile, get your home study completed, have that first conversation with birth parents, and make sure you know what’s coming next on your adoption journey.
The best adoption agency also provides excellent support for the expectant mom who is looking into adoption. Lifetime Adoption will be your partner throughout the process and guide you every step of the way.

How Do I Find the Right Adoption Agency?

We know that finding the right adoption professional can be hard, so let us make it easy. Call our team at 1-800-923-6784, or request free information online to connect with a trained professional. We’re happy to answer your questions and get you the adoption help you’ve been looking for!

Linda Rotz

Written by Linda Rotz

Linda Rotz, CWCM-S, CWCM-Trainer, ACC, is the Director of Adoption Services at Lifetime. Linda has worked in the field of adoption for 20 years within the child welfare/foster care system in Florida. She has degrees in Mass Communications and Human Development, and completed graduate studies in social work.

Due to her extensive expertise, Linda was called upon to write adoption procedures and training materials in Florida. She is certified as an Adoption Specialist, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor and Child Welfare Trainer in the state of Florida.