Bonding and Attachment in AdoptionAs you get ready to adopt, it’s important to also prepare for your lives after adoption. In this webinar, Lifetime’s founder Mardie Caldwell shares adoptive parenting tips for healthy bonding and attachment. She draws from her decades of experience helping others adopt and from her own life as an adoptive mother.
Speaking from both professional and personal experience, Mardie’s guidance will help adoptive parents focus on the moments they bring their future child home and start bonding as a new family.
We touch on a variety of topics such as:

  • Bonding with your baby while building your relationship with your child’s birth mother
  • How to help your baby get to know you as mom and dad
  • Adoptive breastfeeding
  • How to address your need for time off after the adoption with your employer

Mardie also took time to address practical questions from the audience of adoptive parents.
There was a Special Report, “Tips for New Adoptive Parents”, provided as a downloadable handout during the original recording of this webinar. You can download these tips here: Tips for New Adoptive Parents.


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