Adoption Support Coordinator

Tiffany BaylessTiffany has worked at our adoption agency in Florida since 2015. She came to us from an adoption law firm where she began her career in the adoption field. At Lifetime Adoption, she enjoys being able to help each birth mother find just the right family for her baby and supplying all the support and resources every birth mother needs. She helps birth mothers get their hospital plans in place and helps them through any issues they may encounter.

Tiffany Bayless

Tiffany’s favorite adoption story starts with a special relationship she had with a birth mother and the great match she made with an adoptive family. Now, a few years later, the adoptive family came back with hopes to adopt again and Tiffany was able to be a part of their second successful adoption journey. She was thrilled to be able to be there and get to watch this great family grow once again.

Tiffany is the proud mother of three beautiful, kind, caring girls. They have a close knit family which includes her mom, her brother, two aunts, two cousins and her grandmother. They gather together every holiday, and truly celebrate on the 4th of July which is Tiffany’s birthday.


An adoption attorney who recently worked with Tiffany on an adoption shares, “Tiffany went above and beyond on this adoption. It wouldn’t have worked without her. She even supervised a visit with everyone tonight, showing real compassion to this young woman. Her heart is so large. I am SO proud of her.’”

“I have always had a passion to help others. There is nothing better than helping women, their babies, and making a family’s dreams come true.”
Tiffany Bayless