Hopeful adoptive parents in their living room, searching on laptop for the best adoption story webinarsMany people feel a spiritual calling to adopt, in addition to their desire to add a child to their family. There are many reasons adoptive parents may be led to begin the adoption process, and behind many of those common reasons, there’s a belief that God has set an adoption path before them.
A call to adoption is meaningful, but it doesn’t always feel easy, totally clear, or quick along the way. Christian families hoping to adopt may walk through seasons of doubt, frustration, worry, or shaken faith as they pursue a child they know they are meant to add to their lives.

Lifetime’s Adoption Story Webinars

At Lifetime, some of our most helpful resources, for families waiting to adopt, are the adoption story webinars, featuring testimonies from other parents who have completed a modern adoption. Each adoption story offers practical, validating encouragement, from the perspective of hindsight, now on the other side of waiting to adopt. Many hopeful parents leave these candid webinars knowing they are not alone and feel a refreshed motivation to continue forward, growing in faith, staying ready for what’s ahead.
As one of Lifetime’s recent adoption story webinars, adoptive mom guest speaker, Melissa, told us that when you’re called to adopt it can feel as if God is preparing you for something right around the corner. For many adoptive parents, answering the call to adoption means adjusting their expectations of how soon God will come through on the call. Adoptive mom Melissa shared tips that helped her get through the waiting, as well as what she understands now, looking back on her family’s long journey to adopt the son that she is confident was the child they were meant to meet, from the very first moment they realized the call to adoption.
During this heartwarming webinar, our special guest also shared examples of how her faith played a huge role in helping her to stay the course with the adoption process, even when things seemed uncertain.
After this private webinar, one of Lifetime’s actively waiting adoptive moms-in-waiting replied to explain how God used one verse, from Matthew 10, to reassure her that her prayers are heard, that she’s on the right path, and that she is not forgotten as she waits:
“I just wanted to share a little God wink. When I listened to Melissa’s Webinar, she spoke about the fundraising she did selling t-shirts with a sparrow on it, referencing the verse from Matthew 10:31: ‘So don’t be afraid: you are worth more than many sparrows.’
I had never heard of that verse until this webinar! I thought it was a great verse to look back on especially when I am feeling unimportant. I had been reading the book, When God Says Wait, by Elizabeth Laing Thompson, but about a month ago I stopped reading it. The Saturday after Melissa’s webinar I decided to pick it back up and started reading it again. Two pages into reading I came to a bible verse that read, ‘So don’t be afraid: you are worth more than many sparrows.’ Weird right? So cool though!
Waiting is hard, and I know it’s hard for everyone, but to see that God sees me and is still with us in our wait is so awesome to see.”

If you’re a Christian family hoping to adopt, look for the connections or signs that God is showing up as you answer the call to adopt a child. You may find comfort, reassurance, and a renewed hope noticing the unique ways He is speaking right to you, as you continue forward in faith, trusting He will finish what He’s already started in your adoption story.
Get a look behind the scenes of a Lifetime Adoption, and find encouragement while you wait, by visiting the adoption story webinars at AdoptionWebinar.com.
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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 11, 2019, and has since been updated. 

Linda Rotz

Written by Linda Rotz

Linda Rotz, CWCM-S, CWCM-Trainer, ACC, is the Director of Adoption Services at Lifetime. Linda has worked in the field of adoption for 20 years within the child welfare/foster care system in Florida. She has degrees in Mass Communications and Human Development, and completed graduate studies in social work.

Due to her extensive expertise, Linda was called upon to write adoption procedures and training materials in Florida. She is certified as an Adoption Specialist, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor and Child Welfare Trainer in the state of Florida.