Open Adoption from an Adoptee’s Perspective

adoptee shares her storyToday, Adoption Agency Florida has a guest post from an adoptee who shares her open adoption story:

“My birth mom made one of the hardest choices a parent can make—she put me up for adoption. I was adopted into a loving and wonderful family in California just a few days after I was born. I’m so grateful that my mom chose life!

I’ve never felt like I was missing anything from my life. My adoptive parents were very open with me from a young age about adoption. And, I’ve had visits with my birth mother since I was a year old. So, I’ve always known I was adopted, but it didn’t bother me. It’s just a part of my life. Other people have been curious about my adoption, though, and have asked awkward questions like ‘where’s your REAL mom?’

Domestic adoption is one of the most popular types of adoption today. But, there are still tons of negative stereotypes about birth mothers. The most damaging ones are of birth mothers heartlessly “giving up” their baby or child. The truth is, most of them, like my birth mom, made the most selfless and loving choice that they could make. Birth mothers make a huge sacrifice for the benefit of their child. She is able to give life to her baby, and also to a couple who are filled with love and hope for a child.

Being an adopted child, I’ll be forever grateful for both my birth mom and the parents who adopted me. Thousands of adoptees are out there, thankful that we got the chance to live because two families made a remarkable decision. I am one of the blessed ones. I hope to keep sharing my adoption story so that others can also get this opportunity.”

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