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Watch a Tender Adoption Webinar-Moving from Infant Loss to Adoption

Watch this touching Lifetime Adoption webinar today!In a recent adoption webinar, we heard Lifetime adoptive couple Mike and Vyce’s touching story. The recording of this tender webinar is now available to watch online! You can watch it at

Mike and Vyce share their story of how they became parents, after a heartbreaking infant loss. Their story is a statement of faith and perseverance as they moved from infant loss all the way to the miracle of adoption. In this poignant story of despair mixed with gratitude, anyone who’s hoping to adopt will be inspired to trust the call on their heart to adopt. We encourage you to look forward to the ways even the hardest days can be used or redeemed throughout your path to parenthood.

No matter what stage you’re at in your adoption journey, every adoption story you hear can provide reassurance. Watch this adoption webinar, Lifetime Adoption Story: “Still Miracles,” Mike & Vyce’s Story, today! You can watch it over at

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New Webinar Replay, Only Available Through July!

Adoption webinar on the pressure to be the perfect adoptive parentAfter last week’s webinar on adoptive parenting, one of our audience members shared: “I’m a nurse and have worked in what I thought were similar situations. The topics discussed tonight are truly unique and absolutely informative!”

Lifetime Adoption founder, seasoned adoptive mom, and award-winning adoption author, Mardie Caldwell, shared her personal experience with the unique and complex emotions and pressures that come with growing a family through adoption.

Spilling secrets from her early days as a new adoptive mom, as well as observations from 31 years helping adoptive families and birth mothers, Mardie spoke candidly about post-adoption depression, adoptive parent guilt and grief, and how honoring a promise to open adoption can help all involved in a new adoption story.

This webinar was highly praised by hopeful adoptive parents who were able to attend our live broadcast this week. For a limited time, you can access the replay to this helpful resource at this link on Mardie Caldwell Shares About the Pressure to be the Perfect Adoptive Parent.

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Adoption Webinar on the Pressure to be the Perfect Adoptive Parent

Adoption webinar on the pressure to be the perfect adoptive parentJoin us next week for a special adoption webinar with our Founder Mardie Caldwell. She’ll discuss adoptive parenting in a LIVE webinar next Monday night!

Everyone is invited to this free webinar, no matter what stage you’re at in your adoption journey. You’ll find this webinar valuable if you’re just starting to think about adoption, are waiting to adopt, or are a new parent through adoption! We’ll start 7:00 pm Eastern time on Monday, July 10th.

After couples bring home their baby through adoption, brand-new adoptive parents face a variety of emotions as they adapt to life with a baby or new child. On top of this is a new relationship with their child’s birth mother. Many adoptive parents share that they feel relieved during this time, but others feel a sort of let-down.

For many adoptive moms, they feel intense pressure to be the perfect parent who knows all and has everything in her control. In Monday’s webinar, we’ll get an insider’s look “beyond the blessing” from author and adoptive mom Mardie Caldwell. Mardie is going to share secrets and stories from her first days as a new adoptive mom.

In this webinar, Mardie will speak about:

  • Post-adoption depression
  • Keeping the promises made to your child’s birth mother
  • Bonding with your new child during this emotional time
  • and more!

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We’ll start the webinar at 7:00 pm Eastern time (that’s 6:00 Central time, 5:00 Mountain time, and 4:00 pm Pacific time). Meet up with us for time well spent learning all you can on what you may experience as a new adoptive parent!

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How to Rise Above the Top 7 Worries of First-Time Fathers

The night you were born, I ceased being my father’s boy and became my son’s father.
That night I began a new life.
-Henry Gregor Felsen

On behalf of everyone at Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida, we’d like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

If you’re about to become a dad for the first-time, chances are you’re feeling a little anxious. We’ve listed the top 7 things that first-time fathers worry about, and tips on how to rise above!

father and newborn baby daughter1. Will I love my baby once he comes home with us?
Many first-time dads ask themselves if they have the ability to love a tiny being who screams and makes a mess. But you’ll find that these self-doubts go away when you get involved in caring for your baby. Hands-on experience is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your child.

2. What if my child doesn’t love me?
The truth is that your child will love you because they have a built-in capacity to form a relationship with you! You can encourage this natural ability by giving your baby tons of love and affection. In turn, your child will instinctively return the affection.

3. How will I ever learn how to care for a baby?

Washing, changing, and feeding a baby are like any other skills, in that you can learn them through training and practice. So long as you make up your mind to become competent in these baby care tasks, you’ll soon gain the ability.

4. What will happen with our relationship once we become parents?

No relationship can stay the same forever. You and your spouse are starting a new phase of your lives, and things won’t be the same as before. With any luck, they’ll be better! You’ll come to find that sharing in the upbringing of your new baby brings you even closer together than you were before.

5. What if I end up resenting our baby for all the attention she gets?
A few first-time dads feel jealous when they see the new baby in his mother’s arms. A twinge of envy is normal. You can tackle this stressor head-on by being honest with yourself and with your wife. Make an effort to set aside time for each other every day.

6. What will happen if I accidentally hurt the baby?
This is very unlikely to happen. Babies are a lot sturdier than you think. But it’s always wise to have safety issues at the front of your mind whenever you’re handling your baby. You can do this by making sure your baby is safe and secure wherever she is, and make sure to hold her firmly. Take extra care when lifting her out of the bath.

you've got this, daddy!7. Will I lose my identity and become a father instead of a person?
People around you will think of you as your baby’s father, and you’ll become completely immersed in baby-care issues. This becomes part of your life. Remember that you’ll continue to have other roles in life too, like husband, son, employee, and friend, so you won’t lose your identity.

You’ve got this, daddy!