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How Can Audible Help You Learn About Adoption?

Listen to Called to Adoption on AudibleSometimes, it’s overwhelming for hopeful adoptive parents to know where to start on their adoption journey. Lifetime fully believes education is key for anyone hoping to adopt! And a great way to start learning about Christian adoption is by reading Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call. You can listen to this book on Audible at no cost!

Through the end of the year, Audible is running a great promotion. In it, they offer a three-month trial of Audible for only $4.95 per month. That’s a huge savings because their usual going rate is $14.95 a month! You’re able to use a credit each month towards any audiobook you’d like. The best part is, the book Called to Adoption is yours to keep, even if you cancel your Audible account! You’ll be able to continue learning about the many types of adoption, even if you end up deciding that Audible isn’t a good fit for you. Visit to learn more about their promotion.

Called to Adoption is full of useful tips and heartwarming adoption stories! Read about adoptive couples’ journey to adopt their child, and what helped them along the way! It was co-written by adoption expert, adoptive mother, and Lifetime’s Founder, Mardie Caldwell. Any adoptive parent will find that Called to Adoption provides them with invaluable resources and tips. Get encouraged as you begin your adoption journey by listening to this book!

With Audible, you’re able to hear Called to Adoption from wherever you are. Learn about how modern, open adoption works during your work commute, at the gym, or while you’re making dinner!

Visit to download your audio version of Called to Adoption today! Or, you can simply click on the book’s cover below:

Click to get Called to Adoption on Audible!

Thanksgiving Prayer for All Blessed by Adoption

Happy Thanksgiving from Lifetime Adoption Agency!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petitions, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
-Philippians 4:6

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, we pray that the Lord will keep and watch over those waiting to adopt, as well as those blessed by adoption. We pray God will keep a particular watch over the babies, children, and birth families that we work with at Lifetime Adoption Agency.

Please join us in prayer:

Dear Lord,
Protect everyone we know, love, and come in contact with from sadness and harm today.

Let us realize the true blessings in our lives, the blessings that you have given us at this moment in time. Encourage us as we pause to reflect on our blessings with a thankful heart. May there be a promise of continued blessing in the coming holiday season.

If any of us hurt, please restore our hearts.

If any of us are anxious, grant us patience.

If any of us are around patronizing people, fill them with compassion.

If any of us feel like our lives are lacking, show us how to give to those with even less.

You know the hearts of birth mothers, adoptive families, and the precious children united in adoption. Grant each of them peace for today and hope for tomorrow as we pause during our Thanksgiving observances.

Thank you for your blessings today and all year long,

Lifetime prays that you’ll have a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones! May blessings and joy will pour to you all.

Easter Blessings from Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida!

Easter blessings from all of us here at Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida!
We pray that you’ll be blessed beyond measure this Easter. Here is some scripture of love and hope for you to enjoy on this Holy day:

Trust me in the midst of a messy day. Your inner calm—your Peace is my Presence—need not be shaken by what is going on around you. Though you live in this temporal world, your innermost being is rooted and grounded in eternity. When you start to feel stressed, detach yourself from the disturbances around you. Instead of desperately striving to maintain order and control of your little world, relax and remember that circumstances cannot touch my Peace.
Seek My Face, and I will share My mind with you, opening your eyes to see things from My perspective. Do not let your heart be troubled, and do not be afraid. The Peace I give is sufficient for you.
-John 16:33; Psalm 105:4; John 14:27

On Easter Sunday, our staff continues to assist birth mothers and women thinking about adoption. If you’re currently working in an adoption match with the help of Lifetime, remember we’re here to help or answer questions anytime! Just call us at 1-800-923-6784.