pray for birth mothers

We wanted to share this very touching and moving note that single adoptive mother Cynthia shared with us. Cynthia’s daughter just turned one, and she’d like to encourage all to pray for birth mothers:

I have spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting these last few weeks. I tell my daughter all the time how we became a family. I am so lucky and have had an amazing year with my girl, but it hasn’t been lost I had this year because God brought her birth mother into my life.

It was 1 year ago today she last held our girl and I can’t and will not pretend to know what she is feeling right now. If all of you could put her and ALL birth mothers in your prayers, regardless of why they couldn’t keep their children as so many of us would not be parents without them, I would appreciate it.

Babies and children who come home to their adoptive parents do so after a long and often difficult journey by their birth mothers. We must never forget this very important woman who, by strength of character, or difficulty in circumstances, or both, opted to give the gift of a child to those who could not have one. For this reason alone, please pray for birth mothers: they deserve respect, recognition, consideration, thoughtfulness and kindness, from those who benefit from their adoption decision.

You are your child’s parents, no doubt. But a birth mother never forgets the birth of her child. Even if the child is out of her sight, they will never be truly be gone from her memory. This woman was your child’s first mother and because of this, your child will always remain in her memory and in her heart.

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Written by Adoption Agency Florida