PicMonkey-Collage5-300x300The words we select and how we say them shows what we value and how we think. By using positive adoption language, we’re showing that we value adoption as a way to start a family. It shows we value it just as much as a family create biologically.

If you’re able to use positive adoption language in conversations, you’ll help reduce adoption stereotypes and educating others. Also, it’ll allow you can reveal adoption as it truly is, free from any bad connotations.

Below is a handy chart showing examples of negative language, and what to say instead:

Negative Positive
Real parent or natural parent Birth parent or biological parent
Sperm donor Biological father
Own child Birth child
My adopted child, my own child My child
Hard-to-place child, handicapped child Child with special needs
Is adopted Was adopted
Give up, give away, surrender, relinquish the child Make an adoption plan, choose adoption
Adoptable child, free child, available child Waiting child
Track down parents, reunion Search, locate, make contact with
Give up Terminate parental rights
The placement The adoption

Please feel free to share this chart with anyone you who could use some adoption education.

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