Can a Single Woman Adopt a Baby?

can a single woman adopt a baby?Question: “I’ve always dreamt of the day when I’d become a mommy! The problem is, I’ve just never met ‘Mr. Right.’ Is it possible for a single woman to adopt?”

Answer: Yes, definitely! However, you may need to show that you have family who can be an active part of your child’s life. And, you’ll need to have plans for childcare. It’s important that you think of questions that will be asked of you during your home study interview and often by the birth parents themselves. You can find out more about the adoption home study here:

Single parents may not be chosen by a birth mother as quickly as a married couple. We want to be sure (as do most birth mothers) that their child will get all the resources and attention that they would receive in a two-parent home.

It’s wise to search for support groups and others in similar situations for information and advice that can help you become a parent. As a single adoptive mother, it is important that you work with an adoption professional who has successfully worked with other single parents. At Lifetime Adoption Agency Florida, we’ve helped many single women adopt.

If you truly feel in your heart that you can provide a child with a well-balanced life, the devoted attention needed for a growing child, and the influence of both male and female friends and family, then you should pursue adoption. You might want to consider taking a parenting class if this is not offered with your home study. Lisa, a single adoptive mother, shared that it helped her chances of adopting when she took parenting classes and CPR. This was an important factor to her birth mother, and she was chosen over married couples who hadn’t taken these types of classes. She shared with us, “Taking these classes shows a birth parent that you are serious about adoption and that you have taken the time to learn how to parent. It shows her you’re ready for the challenge of motherhood.”

Are you a single woman dreaming of becoming a mother?

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